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A new delivery of vaccines on Monday. President of the ARM: it will be more than half of what was declared

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About 180,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer will reach Poland on Monday, the head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the government’s plenipotentiary for vaccination, Michał Dworczyk, announced on Sunday. President of the Material Reserves Agency, Michał Kuczmierowski, said that the ARM is still waiting for information from Pfizer on the changed schedule of vaccine deliveries. He noted that on the basis of this information, the vaccine distribution schedule will be established for the coming weeks.

The head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister announced that, according to the declaration of the Pfizer company, half of the previous vaccine delivery will reach Poland on Monday – it will be about 180,000 doses.

Dworczyk also informed that on Monday about 120,000 doses of the vaccine intended for DPSs and 50,000 doses intended for the second vaccination for people from group 0 will be sent to vaccination points from the warehouses of the Material Reserves Agency.

He also reminded that the supply of vaccines for the first dose for people from group 0 was suspended. He added that if Pfizer supplies a new delivery schedule by the end of the weekend, it will resume taking orders for vaccines from vaccination centers on Monday.

Dworczyk: people who received the first dose of the vaccine will certainly receive the secondTVN24

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“We are still waiting for information from Pfizer”

On Friday, pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech said they had developed a plan that would allow them to increase production capacity in Europe and provide significantly more doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in the second quarter. In order to achieve this, it was reported, some modifications to the production processes are necessary and as a result, the Puurs plant in Belgium will temporarily reduce the number of doses delivered in the coming week. It has been announced that the return to the original EU delivery schedule will take place on January 25th, and the deliveries will be increased from February 15th.

The President of the Material Reserves Agency, Michał Kuczmierowski, announced that ARM is still waiting for information from Pfizer on the changed schedule of vaccine deliveries to Poland. – We are still waiting for information from Pfizer. Only on this basis, we will be able to inform about the vaccine distribution schedule for the coming weeks, said Kuczmierowski.

When asked when he expected to receive this information, he replied that Pfizer had promised to deliver it immediately on Friday. “We expect her at any moment,” he added. – This information will allow us to plan vaccinations in the coming weeks – he pointed out.

President of the Material Reserves Agency on the system of delivering doses to vaccination pointsTVN24

Delivery on Monday “less than half”

The president of ARM said that it is already known that the delivery to Poland on Monday “will be more than half lower than what was declared”. “It will be below 180,000 doses,” he said. He noted that the exact number of doses will be known only when the shipment reaches the ARM warehouse in Wąwałki near Tomaszów Mazowiecki. – There we will unpack the package, check everything and count it – he said. He announced that the plane carrying the vaccines is to land at 5.40 am, and the transport to the warehouse should arrive around 10 am.

– We are not sure about the next deliveries, so far we have no information about them – he stressed.

“We need to delay group zero vaccinations a bit.”

Kuczmierowski assured that due to the fact that from the beginning of the vaccination campaign, a buffer was planned in the form of storing half of the vaccines delivered in ARM warehouses, people who took the first dose can feel safe that they will get a second dose of the vaccine.

– We must, however, slightly delay the vaccination of group zero, specifically those in this group who are just about to get the first dose. I hope that this week we will have information about new deliveries and then we will be able to plan the vaccination schedule of this group – he said.

At the same time, he assured that, according to the schedule, from Monday, vaccinations of residents of nursing homes, as well as vaccinations of DPS staff with a second dose of the vaccine will be carried out.

“We are prepared to start general vaccination as planned”

The president of ARM also referred to the question of whether the reduced vaccine deliveries will affect the vaccination of seniors over 70, scheduled from January 25. “I hope we will have a new delivery schedule confirmed by then. Then we will be able to confirm that the seniors vaccination schedule does not change. We are not planning such changes yet. We are prepared to start general vaccination as planned, he said.

Currently, group zero vaccinations are underway – employees of the health sector (e.g. doctors, nurses and pharmacists), employees of DPS and MOPS as well as auxiliary and administrative staff in medical facilities, including sanitary and epidemiological stations, are vaccinated. On January 18, vaccinations of DPS residents are to begin.

From Friday in Poland, seniors over 80 can register for vaccinations against COVID-19, and from January 22 it will be possible for people aged 70 and over. Vaccinations for all seniors over 70 are scheduled to start on January 25.

Main photo source: PAP / Łukasz Gągulski

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