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Afghanistan. Taliban attack on militia base, bomb attack in Kabul, attack in Kandahar

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Twelve pro-government militia members at a base in western Afghanistan’s Herat province were shot and killed on Friday by two armed Taliban, local authorities said on Saturday. The attack coincided with an explosion in Kabul that killed two policemen and injured a third, and an attack on a security facility in Kandahar Province.

According to provincial council member Herat Sardar Bahaduri, the attackers managed to infiltrate a militia squad and attacked on Saturday while members were eating lunch. The Taliban said they were taking responsibility for this attack. The perpetrators managed to escape from the attack site. Herat police spokesman Jusaf Ahmadi said the attackers took with them weapons and ammunition that belonged to the victims of the attack.


An Afghan security officer stands guard at a road checkpoint in Herat PAP / EPA / JALIL REZAYEE

The attack on the security services in the Kandahar province

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Afghan television website TOLOnews reported on Saturday that a facility belonging to the National Directorate of Security (NDS) was attacked that morning by a group of armed men.

The attack took place in the Daman District of Kandahar Province, said Farid Mashal from the Kandahar Police Department. He reported that the attack began with a car bomb explosion. Then the three attackers opened fire. They died after half an hour of fighting with the security forces.

Although the officer said the attack did not cause any casualties among the security forces, two people were injured according to portal sources.

The attack in Kandahar province took place on Saturday morningPAP / EPA / M SADIQ

Armed men attacked the security facilityPAP / EPA / M SADIQ

The outbreak in Kabul

Also on Saturday, a spokesman for the capital city police, Ferdaws Faramarz, announced that an explosive explosion in Kabul killed two policemen and injured a third. The AFP agency reports that it was a roadside mine, while the Associated Press – that a so-called sticky bomb was attached to the car of the policemen, i.e. an explosive attached with a magnet.

Conflict and attacks in Afghanistan

The bombings in Afghanistan have intensified recently, despite talks between Taliban and Afghan government officials in the Qatar capital.

These negotiations are the next stage in the implementation of the agreement concluded by the US presidential administration with the Taliban in February 2020. In return for not attacking US citizens and the liquidation of international terrorism bases in Afghanistan, the Americans promised to withdraw from the country. In November, the US Defense Ministry announced that in January 2021, about 2,000 people would return to the country. out of 4.5 thousand soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, and by June all US military personnel will leave the country.

The Taliban adheres to the treaty’s stance not to attack US targets. However, attacks on the Afghan police, military, media workers, politicians and human rights defenders have intensified, writes AFP.

At the same time, as the PA reminds us, fighting continues in the eastern part of Afghanistan between the Taliban and partisan units linked to the so-called Islamic State.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / JALIL REZAYEE

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