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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Aleksander Doba is dead. He died at the top of Kilimanjaro. The organizer of the expedition about the circumstances of the traveler’s death

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Alexander Doba died on Monday after conquering Kilimanjaro. – He was conscious, happy, he made his dream come true – said Łukasz Nowak, the organizer of his last expedition, about the traveler ‘s journey to the African summit.

Alexander Doba he was the first man in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a single kayak. He died on Monday at the highest summit in Africa – Kilimanjaro.

– Yesterday evening we were shocked and saddened by the news of the death of our friend Alexander Doba during the conquest of Kilimanjaro. We are waiting for official causes of death. We do not want to speculate, said Łukasz Nowak from Soliści, the organizer of the expedition, in an interview with TVN24.


“He died realizing his huge dream, conquering the roof of Africa”

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He reported that Alexander Doba climbed Mount Kilimanjaro – 5,895 meters above sea level – on Monday at 11 am – He was climbing the summit with two guides. When he met the group that was on their way back, he said he felt great, took pictures, said he was going to the Roof of Africa. He was conscious, happy, he was fulfilling his dream – said the organizer of the expedition.

– At the top, Aleksander felt well, before the commemorative photo he asked the guides who were with him if he could rest for a while. He lost consciousness, and then he lost his vital functions – he said. Doba – he added – “died realizing his huge dream, conquering the roof of Africa”.

Alexander DobaTVN24

Nowak said that “the rescuers started the resuscitation, but the vital functions could not be restored, the services were notified”. – The action of bringing Alexander’s body from the top has begun. It lasted over 20 hours, he said.

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Alexander DobaMarcin Bielecki / PAP

The first man to cross the Atlantic in a canoe

Aleksander Doba traveled the Atlantic in a canoe alone three times. The first crossing was from Africa to South America. Doba took off from the capital of Senegal, Dakar on October 26, 2010. After nearly 99 days and traveling 5394 kilometers, it reached Acarau in Brazil on February 2, 2011. Thanks to this expedition, he made history as the first man to cross these waters by canoe. Subsequent canoe trips across the Atlantic took place at the turn of 2013/2014 and in 2017.

Doba was named “Traveler of the Year 2015” in the “National Geographic” poll. In 2018, he was awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta and the Medal of the Centenary of Regained Independence.

Main photo source: TVN24

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