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Anita Werner in “You Ask TVN24 is answering”. Meeting on Facebook and answers to internet users’ questions

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Coming to TV24 20 years ago, I did not realize what an adventure awaited me – said the journalist Anita Werner, answering questions from Internet users. In the program “Ty ask, TVN24 replies”, the host of “Fakty” TVN and “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 also talked about the importance of sport for her, what the preparations for “Fakty” look like and remembered the first edition of her .

The series “You ask, TVN24 answers” is a program that was created on the occasion of the station’s 20th anniversary. On the TVN24 Facebook page, you can ask TV stars a question. Anita Werner, the host journalist, answered questions and comments during the fourth meeting “Facts” of TVN, “Facts after Facts” on TVN24 and the author of the series on TVN24 GO “Tokyo. The Price of Success”.


“It was my biggest stress for many years”

Internet users asked, inter alia, how Anita Werner assesses the development of TVN24 from the first day of the station’s existence until today. – I appreciate it because when I came here 20 years ago I did not realize what an adventure awaited me and that it would be the adventure of my life – said the journalist.

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– I am glad that during these 20 years TVN24 has become such a strong brand and representative of such basic journalistic values ​​as independence, reliability and professionalism – she added.

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How do you evaluate the development of TVN24 from day one until today? Anita Werner repliesFACEBOOK / TVN24

She also admitted that there were times when she wanted to sneeze at the vision. “All kinds of things can happen on live TV,” she pointed out. – It was my biggest stress for many years that one day I will sneeze on a vision, I will not be able to stop it. Fortunately, it has not happened yet, although it was close once – said the host of “Fakty po Faktach”.

She also noted that she could not imagine that she could work anywhere else.

“These were the first journalism lessons I got”

Is journalism required to become a journalist? – the viewers of the Facebook meeting asked.

– I am not a journalist graduate, I graduated in cultural studies, with a specialization in film studies – said the host of “Fakty” TVN. She also pointed out that these are, after all, humanities studies that are useful in this profession. She also emphasized that passion is very important.

Anita Werner: the most important thing is to find and follow your passion in lifeFACEBOOK / TVN24

She also said that when she got here to work, all her journalistic authorities were walking in the editorial corridors. She learned a lot from them and, as she added, was never afraid to ask and learn new things. She mentioned that she often entered the “Facts” room, where her older colleagues shared their knowledge with her. “These were the first journalism lessons I got,” she added.

“Running helps me a lot”

Werner also said something about her passions and activities after hours. – Tonight I run and hope for a good result. Running helps me a lot, she said. As she argued, “it is good to relieve everyday stress, I do it through sport”.

She also remembered the first issue of TVN’s “Fakty”, which she hosted. “I was very excited, I had a positive adrenaline rush,” she said. She added that the stress was so great that she remembers little about that day.

How did Anita Werner feel during the first issue of “Facts”?FACEBOOK / TVN24

“Every day is different, it gives a lot of adrenaline”

The journalist also reported what they look like when they are prepared for the evening edition of “Fakty”.

– It starts early in the morning. Every day we prepare “Facts” in our “Fact team” – she said. As she pointed out, reporters, publishers and the head of the editorial office participate in it. – The day begins in such a way that at 8 – 8.30 I am ready to work and I browse the Internet, look at what has happened and start thinking in my head what is important on a given day and what is worth talking about – she said.

Around 9 o’clock in a group of several people there is a discussion on this topic, then there is a conversation with the head of the editorial office and around 10 o’clock there is a meeting with reporters. It is they, Werner explained, who make the materials shown on the air. During this meeting, topics are distributed, but later the day often verifies these plans.

– It’s also cool about this job, that every day is different, that it provides a lot of adrenaline, a lot of such excitement and a little unknown about what can happen – she emphasized.

Just before 7 p.m. – the journalist continued – there is make-up. 10 seconds before hitting the antenna, a countdown continues, and then the program begins.

“The interview was so difficult and so strange that …”

Werner talked about what was her “weirdest” interview she conducted. It was an interview with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko. – The interview was so difficult and so strange that it was torn out with almost the last of his strength after eight days of being there. We had an appointment as a team from Poland with the prime minister, we met her team, but somehow we couldn’t get to her, even though we had an appointment – she said.

She mentioned that the team simply went to the election meeting with Tymoshenko, greeted her and recalled the conversation that was to take place. The prime minister then proposed to do it right there. So it happened.

The most difficult interview? Anita Werner: the strangest was with the then Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia TymoshenkoFACEBOOK / TVN24


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