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Monday, April 12, 2021

Biedronka and Lidl are withdrawing two batches of meat from sale – GIS warns

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate has published public warnings regarding two batches of meat produced for the Biedronka and Lidl chains. They are being withdrawn from stores.

Biedronka published an announcement from Animex on the recall of the batch of the product: Schnitzel from chicken breast fillet 300 g with the shelf life of 07/03/2021 and batch number: 2272003053.


“People who bought the product (…) are asked to throw it away or return it to the nearest store where the product was purchased. The product should not be consumed” – we read in the release. A warning in this matter also appeared on the GIS website.

“Poultry meat is intended to be eaten after heat treatment, which minimizes the risk of infection in this case, but the risk of transferring bacteria from meat to other surfaces, insufficient temperature or too short processing time may lead to human infection and the occurrence of salmonellosis” – the office announced .

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“Due to the identified microbiological incompatibility (the presence of Salmonella) in the batch of the product, we decided to withdraw the above-mentioned batch from the market” – explain the representatives of Animex in the announcement on the Biedronka website. It was also assured that “all consumers who return the product with the packaging (necessary to identify the use-by date) will be reimbursed the cost of purchasing the product.”

Meat batch withdrawn from Lidl

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate also posted a warning on Thursday about a batch of 400 g chicken fillet minced meat produced by Animex for Lidl. It is a product with a batch number: 2261003858 and an expiration date: 04/03/2021.


“As a result of the official Veterinary Inspection, Salmonella from the O: 9 group was detected in 4 out of 5 samples of the product minced meat from chicken fillet” – reads the GIS release. As added, “the product from the lot covered by the communication should not be consumed, in particular without proper heat treatment”. If symptoms of food poisoning occur after consuming the above-mentioned product, consult a physician.

GIS representatives indicated that “Animex Kutno sp. Z o. O. K2 branch in Kutno, after receiving information about the presence of Salmonella in the product, minced meat from chicken fillet, lot no. to eliminate the potential risk of microbial contamination “.

Official food control bodies monitor the process of withdrawing the disputed lots from the market.

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