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Boat. The OSP bridesmaid helped many times. Now she is seriously ill and needs support herself

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Emilia Jadczak – the bridesmaid of the Volunteer Fire Department Mikołajew – is known to the firefighting community for her kind heart. She has devoted a large part of her life selflessly to others. Now she needs help herself, she is seriously ill. The only salvation for her is a bone marrow transplant. As her fellow firefighters emphasize, they help her because they owe her.

“Dear friends, our friend Emilia Jadczak urgently needs our help. She is seriously ill, and the only lifeline for her is a bone marrow transplant” – such an appeal has appeared in recent days on many websites of local Volunteer Fire Brigades and state fire brigades in the Lodzkie Voivodship.

– Emilia is a person who is very connected with the firefighting community. As a bridesmaid of one of the Lodz Volunteer Fire Department, she was the founder of the Mała Straż Foundation, which conducted education among the youngest in relation to all threats. She was also involved in a lot of charity actions, helping children who suffered in fires, organized collections for them, various types of summer camps, summer camps, and holidays, as well as helping fire victims, lonely elderly people – lists Łukasz Górczyński from the Łódź fire brigade.


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No wonder her colleagues came to help. At the Rescue and Fire Fighting Unit No. 5 in Łódź, a firefighters registration point has been established. So far, over 80 people have signed up, but no donor was among them. Firefighters do not give up and publicize the action as much as they can.

All other persons, who are not firefighters, who wish to help Emilia, may report directly to the Bone Marrow Donors Center of the Central Teaching Hospital in Łódź (Building C5, Pomorska Street) in order to register in the donor base.

Emilia Jadczak has helped others many timesprivate archive

“The matter is very urgent and requires immediate reaction. Emilia is a mother of four children. A joyful and smiling person who has devoted a very large part of her life selflessly to others. She is the founder of the Mała Straż Foundation, whose main task was to help small victims of fires, injured children and Whenever someone needed help, she was on guard, full of empathy and readiness to act, especially when the most vulnerable needed help. This time, Emilia needs our support. Even though she defended herself against helping herself for a long time, the time has come for rematch. As a firefighting community we owe it to her! ” – we read in the appeal on social media.

Main photo source: private archive

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