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Bochnia. The oxygen tanker broke down. Firemen brought bottles from an oxygen bank to the hospital

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The tanker, which was to deliver oxygen to two hospitals in Bochnia (Małopolska), broke down on Sunday. There was a risk that the stock would not be delivered on time and patients would have to be transported to other facilities. The firefighters helped. – 48 50-liter oxygen cylinders were disposed of at the hospital – said Łukasz Kmita, Voivode of Małopolska, on Monday.

The oxygen tank on its way to the hospital in Bochnia broke down on Sunday around 3pm. The vehicle was immobilized in Kraków. Łukasz Kmita informed about how the oxygen was finally delivered on time at a press conference on Monday.

– Immediately the voivode’s representative for oxygen contacted the State Fire Service, where the oxygen bank is located. 48 50-liter oxygen cylinders were dispatched to the hospital in Bochnia, said the Małopolska Voivode. – The Linde company sent a second tanker, which was on site before 8 pm. Firemen were also waiting in the hospital with cylinders from the bank, if there was a problem with refueling, to connect the oxygen in an emergency – described Łukasz Kmita.

In emergency mode, oxygen was supplied by firefightersTwitter.com/Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki


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60 tons of oxygen a day

We are talking about an oxygen bank, i.e. a reserve that is activated in such exceptional cases. – We have three oxygen banks in Małopolska – in Kraków, in Dąbrowa Tarnowska and in Rabka. In a critical or emergency situation, the fire brigade may dispose of oxygen where it is necessary – described the voivode.

– We know that over three thousand patients, only with coronavirus, in Małopolska lie on oxygen beds. While at the height of the second wave of the pandemic, we were talking about the level of 40 tons of daily oxygen consumption, today we can talk about over 60 tons. This requires enormous logistics, both on the part of hospitals and companies that supply this oxygen, said the voivode. He admitted, however, that the pandemic showed that even the most modern hospitals were not fully prepared for the need for such extensive use of oxygen. – A good way of functioning of the entire process, both manufacturing and deliveries, makes patients in Małopolska safe. We hope that situations like this will not happen any more, that we will eliminate such cases – declared Kmita.

The voivode presented one of the three oxygen banks in Małopolskamalopolska.uw.gov.pl

“Warehouses prepared, people trained”

The Małopolska voivodship commander of the State Fire Service, senior brigade, assured the readiness of the services to help in difficult situations. Piotr Filipek. He indicated that the locations of oxygen banks mentioned by the voivode were able to supply the entire voivodeship. – The warehouses have been properly prepared and equipped with the equipment so that both unloading and loading went smoothly. People have been trained to deliver oxygen to the target site under the right conditions, he assessed. In turn, the voivodship coordinator for medical oxygen supply, Przemysław Trzepałka, assured that “so far no unfortunate accident has happened in Małopolska”, which would be caused by possible shortages in the supply of this gas. “And I hope it will be so until the end,” he pointed out. According to Monday’s data from the Ministry of Health, 1079 new coronavirus infections were detected in Małopolska in the last 24 hours. The voivode informed that according to the southern data, 409 patients from Małopolska occupy ventilator beds. In turn, 61 such beds are still vacant. There are also 730 beds for the so-called second level.

Main photo source: Twitter.com/Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki

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