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CBA in the house of judge Beata Morawiec. Judge Dariusz Mazur comments: illegal actions of the prosecutor’s office

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If it is possible to breach the procedures and without bringing charges, without any hearing, enter the judge’s house at dawn with such absurd accusations, it means that the state turns upside down – said judge Dariusz Mazur from the Association of Judges “Themis”. He referred to the entry of agents of the Central Anticorruption Bureau into the house of judge Beata Morawiec.

On Friday morning, Beata Morawiec, judge of the District Court in Krakow, knocked on the door of the Central Anticorruption Bureau’s agents. The computer and data carrier were taken, and the printouts and printer from her office at the court. – I believe that they had no right to demand that I give away these things until I have waived my immunity – said Judge Morawiec.

Accusations against a judge criticizing PiSTVN24


“If a judge can enter the house without waiving his immunity, it means that he is not subject to any protection”

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Judge Dariusz Mazur from the Association of Judges “Themis” referred to the entry of the agents of the Central Anticorruption Bureau in the house of Beata Morawiec. – If the state authorities treat judges as dangerous bandits, real bandits can sleep peacefully – he said.

Beata MorawiecJakub Porzycki / Agencja Gazeta

– If it is possible to breach the procedure, if it is possible without waiving the immunity of a judge, without bringing charges against him, without any hearing, enter his house at dawn with such absurd accusations, that is, the state is turning upside down – he noted.

According to Judge Mazur, the investigators had no right to appear at Judge Morawiec’s house due to the judge’s immunity. – Immunity is an institution designed to protect judges against unlawful pressure on their person, inter alia, from other authorities. If a judge can enter the house without lifting his immunity, without bringing charges and without being heard, it means that he is not subject to any protection, he added.

“This is not a situation where judges can comfortably adjudicate”

According to judge Mazur “it is not only about intimidating judge Morawiec”. “In her case, it’s even more about destroying her authority. First, we throw mud in the media, destroy authority, and then we will wonder if we can find anything to support this thesis – he pointed out.

– There was practically no evidence proceedings conducted here. (…) It seems that we live in a country where, if a judge conducts an inconvenient case for the authorities and has doubts as to how he can resolve the matter, then suddenly some contrite criminal appears who will say that he gave the judge an electric toothbrush, and the next morning the department of internal affairs of the National Prosecutor’s Office will come to him in the morning to secure the materials, he noted.

As he assessed, “this is not a situation in which judges can comfortably adjudicate”.

Judge Morawiec: nothing will surprise meTVN24

– It is difficult to imagine that a person who has nothing to hide because he is under completely absurd accusations starts fighting with the officers. (…) I am convinced that it was an unlawful act of the prosecutor’s office, the mere bringing of charges without their verification, as well as entering the judge’s house, and that it will end in a great embarrassment of the prosecutor’s office – he said.

– There are criminal laws that describe this kind of behavior. One day someone will have to look at this case – commented the representative of the Association of Judges “Themis”.

Proceedings of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office

The National Prosecutor’s Office announced on Tuesday that, according to investigators, judge Beata Morawiec accepted remuneration for work for the Court of Appeal in Krakow, which she did not perform and was not supposed to perform, and the contract she concluded, according to investigators, was fictitious and served to conceal the removal of Treasury funds Countries.

“The disclosure of the crime is a consequence of an extensive investigation into the corruption scandal in the Court of Appeal in Krakow,” the press department of PK reported on Tuesday.

Judge Żurek: it was necessary to make such a show in order to intimidate the judgeTVN24

It is about the 2013 analysis of “Debt collection in terms of the criminal department”. In an interview with tvn24.pl, Morawiec emphasized, however, that she wrote the analysis. It also gives the exact time of its completion: March 14, 2013, at 19.16.

Judge Morawiec: the thread regarding the contract has already been commented onTVN24

In the Tuesday communiqué of the PK we also read, inter alia, that the panel chaired by the judge issued a favorable verdict for the accused of causing damage to his wife, Marek B. According to the prosecutors’ findings, earlier, before the sentence was issued, B. contacted the judge and obtained from her assurance that the court’s decision will be successful for him.

“As a result, the panel of judges chaired by Beata M. conditionally discontinued the criminal proceedings against the accused, and he himself – as evidenced by the testimonies of witnesses – said that the judge” is a great woman because she helped him a lot in settling his case. “In return, Marek B he handed over a mobile phone to the judge, the National Prosecutor’s Office reported.

Main photo source: CBA


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