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Central Communication Port. Inhabitants of the Baranów commune feel “harassed and intimidated”, but the prosecutor’s office refuses to initiate an investigation

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Residents of the Baranów commune, where the construction of the Central Communication Port is planned, complain to the prosecutor’s office that they are tormented and intimidated by inspections. The latter, however – as they claim – refused to initiate an investigation into this matter. – This is a fight between David and Goliath – comments one of them.

As reported in the press release by the Social Council for the Central Communication Port, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Żyrardów refused to initiate an investigation into the persistent harassment of residents and local authorities. “Representatives of the inhabitants of the communes, where the megalapark is to be built from 2023, complain to the prosecutor’s office that they are harassed and intimidated by inspections and the open interest of the services. False information is disseminated about them, consciously published in the media” – the council informed. Its representatives claim that “the property rights of people whose real estate is located on the site of the future airport have been violated recently”.

“David’s Fight with Goliath”

The decision of the prosecutor’s office was issued on April 8 and sent after 18 days to Tadeusz Szymańczyk, who is a representative of the council and the initiator of legal actions regarding the construction of the CPK. From the announcement, we learn that the prosecutor’s responses, addressed to all persons who signed the notification, were delivered only to Szymańczyk’s address.

– We are aware that this is a fight between David and Goliath. The state, represented by a government plenipotentiary and a lawyer by training, uses its advantage in many areas. We still have to prove our point, although the entire CPK concept is pushed without any business justification, without reliable analyzes of passenger traffic on the railroad and current road traffic analyzes – comments Szymańczyk quoted in the release. In his opinion, many basic regulations regulating the legal situation are missing, e.g. regulations provided for in the CPK Act. – Even the airport master plan has not yet been prepared, but the plans to deprive us of rights to our property are being implemented dynamically – added the representative of the council

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Community activists informed that they had lodged a complaint against the prosecutor’s decision. They emphasized that the notification was another attempt to draw the attention of state institutions to the irregularities affecting the inhabitants of the areas of the future STH. They also recalled that the Ombudsman intervened in this case in March. In a letter addressed to the government plenipotentiary for the CPK, Marcin Horała, the Ombudsman stressed the need to provide citizens with an appropriate mechanism to protect their rights – as owners of private real estate intended for the implementation of public goals, which are to be implemented in an undefined future.

“We are aware of your doubts”

Also in March it was held extraordinary session of the Baranów Commune Council. It was devoted to the draft regulation which is to facilitate the preparation of STH investments. The project provides, inter alia, the pre-emption right for real estate in the designated area for the CPK company, and also entitles the investor to enter the real estate in order to carry out tests or measurements.

As Agata Trzop-Szczypiorska, the mayor of the Baranów commune, the session was convened in response to a letter from Marcin Horała, who directed the draft regulation for an opinion by the team for infrastructure of the Joint Commission of the Government and Local Government. . We may have different views on CPK. However, it is important that our community is not left out of the debate, she said. Already then, members of the Social Council for CTH said that employees of the company that performs analyzes for CTH were taking measurements and photos of the property without the consent of the owners. They pointed out that they were not informed about the activities related to the investment and that they had not previously known the content of the planned regulation.

Head of the village of Kaski on the construction of the CPKTVN24

The president of the CPK, Mikołaj Wild, who was present during the session, assured that the company’s representatives “listen to the voices of the inhabitants”. – We are aware of your doubts and we try to meet them. We are going to determine the preferences of residents, how many residents would be interested in organized relocation – said Wild. He also emphasized that any land inventory can be made only with the consent of the resident. Otherwise, the police should be called.

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