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Central Communication Port. Marcin Horała: We are building CPK for generations

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We are building the Central Communication Port for generations – said Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Government Plenipotentiary for CPK Marcin Horała. He added that the coronavirus pandemic will end sometime, air traffic will return and there is no reason to abandon the project.

Horała participated in the question session during the second edition of CPKLive! One of them concerned the cooperation between the CPK company and the strategic advisor, Korean Incheon Airport.

– A strategic advisor is a supplier of know-how that we do not have in Poland, because we do not have a large, hub, international airport. Incheon airport is like that – in 2019 it served over 70 million passengers, has a whole range of experiences and practical knowledge as an entity that first built and then operates this type of airport. There are a number of similarities to the CPK – pointed out Horała.

As he said, a strategic advisor is a “second pair of eyes” with practical knowledge in running such an airport. – The adviser will tell us what is worth paying attention to, what should be included in one or another performance, which raises doubts – he explained. He noted that this was the first step to tightening cooperation with Koreans.

“Air traffic will come back”

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The deputy minister emphasized that the CPK is a “greenfield” project and some modifications may be made at each subsequent stage. – I do not exclude that in the course of these updates and clarifying these arrangements, it will come out that, for example, in the first stage, the airport will be able to handle not 45 million passengers a year, but 40 million people. It can happen and it is part of the assumption of the project. However, the mere abandonment, rejection or decision to delete this project – there is no rational reason to do so – said Horała. In his opinion, such a reason cannot be the temporary crisis of the aviation market.

He added that the pandemic will end one day. “We hope the vaccine campaign will end this year or so,” he said. He noted that even if a new tribe did happen, there was no pandemic in the history of mankind that would last forever.

– Air traffic will be back. And then the decision that (…) CTH is needed, the commencement of the investment process, which will last 10 years, will be far, far delayed. We are building for generations, not for what today, tomorrow and even next year – explained Horała.

The deputy minister said that over 100 people signed up for the Voluntary Acquisition Program, i.e. land acquisition for Port Solidarity. As he said, talks are being held with them about whether they want to sell the land or replace it, and on what terms. He assured that the company was monitoring the movement of real estate where the CPK is to be built and added that there were no “speculative phenomena”. “Rather, they all hold the land in the hope that its price will go up,” he admitted.

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Central Communication Port

Representatives of the Polish and South Korean governments signed an agreement on cooperation between the two countries last Friday. At the same time, it was folded signatures for an agreement with Incheon airport in Seoul, i.e. a strategic advisor to the Central Communication Port, and the company CPK.

The Central Communication Port is a planned transfer node between Warsaw and Łódź, which is to integrate air, rail and road transport. As part of this project, the Solidarity Airport is to be built on an area of ​​approximately 3,000 hectares, which in the first stage will be able to serve up to 45 million passengers per year.

The CPK is to be built 37 km from the center of Warsaw, with a railway station integrated with the airport. The planned time of travel by train with a stop at the CPK and in the center of Warsaw is about 15 minutes.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz

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