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Clothing under the scrutiny of the Trade Inspection – UOKiK

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Two and a half thousand lots of clothing were inspected last year by the Trade Inspection, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection reported. More than a quarter (25.8 percent) of the clothing lot was questioned, almost the same percentage as in 2019 (26.6 percent).

As the UOKiK announced on Friday, in 2020 the Trade Inspection inspected almost two and a half thousand lots of clothing.

Contested clothing

According to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the inspectors examined e.g. labeling of textile products. They questioned 416 lots of clothing due to the non-compliant naming of the fibers listed in the raw material composition, and 32 lots due to the lack of information about the raw material composition. In addition, 115 batches of products were contested due to other labeling anomalies, such as misidentification of knitwear and fabric.


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“Laboratory tests have shown that suits, jackets and shirts fared the worst,” wrote a statement from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Laboratory tests of clothesUOKiK

The Office informed that in connection with the identified irregularities, the provincial IH inspectors issued 139 administrative decisions, under which entrepreneurs were obliged to reimburse the costs of research in the amount of over PLN 111 thousand. PLN.

What to look for when buying clothes?UOKiK

– The “woolen” suit contained wool only on the label – it consisted of polyester, viscose and acetate, while a cotton jacket instead of 60 percent. cotton, it had less than 40 percent. Due to the fact that we monitor the market in this respect, many entrepreneurs take corrective actions during the inspection – said Tomasz Chróstny, President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

– In some situations, however, the irregularities are so serious that in the course of administrative proceedings financial penalties are imposed and the costs of laboratory tests are reimbursed. In addition, we recently informed about the initiated proceedings against three brands that we suspect of misleading consumers in terms of the composition of textile products – he added.

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