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Comments after the vote on the Reconstruction Fund

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During an extraordinary session of the Sejm, the deputies adopted the draft law on the ratification of the decision that would enable the mobilization of the EU Reconstruction Fund. A discussion ensued between the leaders of the Civic Coalition and the Left Together.

On Tuesday, the Sejm dealt with the government’s bill on the ratification of the EU’s own resources decision concerning the Reconstruction Fund. After 6 p.m., MPs voted in favor of ratification – 456 deputies voted: 290 voted in favor, 33 against and 133 abstained.

231 out of 233 MPs voted from the PiS club, 211 were for and 20 were against. Two deputies did not take part in the vote. “Polish raison d’etat won! The Sejm majority voted for record-breaking funds for development,” wrote Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin on Twitter.

Five Polish MPs by 2050 voted in favor of the ratification of the EU’s own resources decision. Its leader, Szymon Hołownia, pointed out that the bill should now be “carefully considered by the Senate for a month”. “This will give us time to develop a supra-political mechanism for supervising the spending of funds together with local governments, NGOs and passing it in the Sejm” – added Szymon Hołownia on Twitter.

Politicians from the Left were also in favor of the ratification. This did not appeal to the members of the Civic Coalition. “After the vote on the KPO, the matter is clear: only KO is anti-PiS and it has not been broken or deceived its voters. The rest is the cracking of Kaczyński’s symmetrists or fresh coalition partners,” Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz from the Civic Coalition wrote on Twitter. The leader of the party Together, Adrian Zandberg, responded to this post. “We will send the diploma by post,” he replied.

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Apart from Zbigniew Ziobro’s Solidarity Poland, politicians from the Confederation voted against the ratification. “Remember who was the guard of Polish sovereignty until the end, and who sold it for a debt that will pay off future generations” – noted Konrad Berkowicz.

In turn, the politician of the Polish People’s Party, Adam Jarubas, tried to cool down emotions after the vote. “On the opposition side, you need to cool your heads. We need cooperation, not quarrels. We are facing great challenges, raising the economy after the pandemic and strengthening health protection,” he recalled.

The bill will now go to the Senate. “We do not fold umbrellas. Now it’s time for the Polish Senate. Local government officials and social organizations: you can count on the Civic Platform. The money from the Reconstruction Fund is for citizens, not for the rulers” – wrote Senator Bogdan Klich on twitter.

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