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Conflict on the United Right. Jarosław Gowin on possible early elections

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Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Covenant Jarosław Gowin said in an interview for Super Express that in recent times “natural differences between the coalition partners have exceeded the critical mass”, but “it is possible to turn back from this path”. “We have a choice today: we can reach an agreement or we will have early elections during the year,” he added.

Gowin noted that a year has passed since he left the government in protest against holding presidential elections by correspondence. – I have no doubt that the attempt to overthrow the legal Covenant authorities was a revenge for my attitude from a year ago. (…) To all those whom I consider to be jointly responsible for the unsuccessful political attack on me, I said it face to face. I consider the matter closed – emphasized the head of the Agreement.

Jaroslaw GowinDarek Delmanowicz / PAP

“I am fully aware that we are a party after the transition”

When asked about the condition of the coalition, he admitted that the natural differences between the coalition partners and the politicians forming the coalition had recently exceeded the critical mass. – However, it is possible to turn back from this path. The smaller coalition partners – Agreement and Solidarna Polska – recognize the leading role in the United Right of the Law and Justice party. We expect PiS to respect the coalition partners as well, he said.

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– Today we have a choice: we will either reach an agreement or we will have early elections during the year. I believe that we will manage to reach an agreement, but everyone – I emphasize: everyone – must take a step back – added the Deputy Prime Minister.

Asked if he envied his colleagues from Solidarna Polska that the latest poll forecasts that they would exceed the election threshold, which the Agreement cannot count on at the moment, Gowin replied that his party had much greater coalition abilities. – I am fully aware that we are a party after the transition. Last year was a time of attacks on us, some of our colleagues were guilty of treason. Nevertheless, we have a clear roadmap and proven ranks, ‘he said.

He expressed the conviction that by 2023 the Agreement would be able to stand in the elections on its own. – Of course, I am also considering the possibility of both starting from the United Right’s lists and creating a new center-right coalition – he reserved.

Gowin: It was about taking control of the most independent member of the United RightTVN24

“Poland has gone through this year of the global crisis on a relatively dry foot”

When asked if he was not afraid of an increase in unemployment after the end of the first anti-crisis shields, which made state aid dependent on maintaining jobs for a year, he replied that there were no such concerns.

– On the contrary. All forecasts show that the problem of the Polish economy is still the lack of labor, not the excess. Economically, Poland went through this year of global crisis with a relatively dry foot due to three factors. Firstly, due to the diversification of the Polish economy, including the strong role of industry. Secondly, due to the enormous determination of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and millions of Polish employees who spared no efforts to save their companies. This was combined with a very well-thought-out and organized government aid campaign, i.e. various shields – mentioned the Minister of Development.

At the same time, he admitted that the coming months and years would be difficult for the Polish economy, and that some of the companies affected by the greatest crisis, especially in gastronomy and tourism, unfortunately will not survive the pandemic.

Gowin on the dispute in the Agreement: surely the initiators of this grotesque coup did not act without supportTVN24

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz / PAP

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