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Coronavirus and the economy. Another industry not included in government aid. A 90 percent drop in turnover

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Producers, distributors and sellers of ski and snowboard equipment have applied to the government for the aid. As they say, due to the crisis related to the coronavirus, the turnover of this industry in January decreased by up to 90 percent. However, the sector was not included in the so-called anti-crisis shield of the Polish Development Fund.


– We demand government aid, as do other industries affected by the pandemic crisis. The main criterion should be a decrease in turnover, and our entire industry is experiencing it – says Arkadiusz Walus from the Snowboard Outdoor Ski Committee and adds that in November and December companies selling ski equipment recorded a decrease in turnover of 40 to 50 percent, while in January between 70 and 90 percent

Several letters

Entrepreneurs associated in the KNSO sent several letters regarding the inclusion of their industry with the aid shield to the president of PFR and the ministry of development. It is a financial shield for PKD 47.64.Z for retail sale of sports equipment in specialized stores and 32.30.Z – production of sports, snowboard and outdoor equipment.

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– We expect our PKD to be added to the PFR shield, so that we can get financial aid, because we do not have it yet. Due to the closure of the ski stations, our turnover has dropped drastically, because if the lifts do not work, there is no one to sell ski equipment to. It’s like trying to sell your skis in the middle of the desert. Additionally, the winter break was canceled, argued PAP Walus.

He explained that ski and snowboard equipment is ordered from producers in February for the next season. Last year, the equipment was ordered before the pandemic and the announcement of the restrictions. The sellers were therefore left with the unsold goods.

Necessary change of criteria for granting aid

Walus pointed out that aid for entrepreneurs should be granted according to the decrease in turnover, and not according to the PKD classification.

According to this key, companies that often do not need support have received money, and other companies that do need support are not receiving money, Walus said.

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