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Coronavirus in Europe. Weekend lockdown in Turkey. The Pasteur Institute presents new vaccination models

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Turkey has the highest daily number of coronavirus infections. A record number of vaccinated people has been recorded in Spain. The latest models from the Pasteur Institute show that 90 percent of adult citizens must be vaccinated in order to be able to hope for a return to normal life. In Italy, on the other hand, protests from entrepreneurs continue for another day.

In Turkey, 54,740 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the last 24 hours – the highest daily number of infections since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

Last week, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a tightening of restrictions on the epidemic, including a return to a full nationwide lockdown during weekends during Ramadan, Muslim holy month of fasting, beginning April 13.

With a population of 85 million, 17.97 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to date. Since January 14, when the nationwide vaccination campaign began, approximately 10.55 million people have received the first dose. In Turkey, it is inoculated with a preparation of the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech Ltd and a product of the American Pfizer and German BioNTech.


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Coronavirus in TurkeySEDAT SUNA / PAP / EPA

Pasteur Institute: 90 percent of adults should be immunized

Pasteur’s models suggest that the vaccination coverage rate will have to be much higher than previously expected for the country to finally lift sanitation restrictions. Until now, it has been talked about the need to vaccinate 60 and 70 percent of the population in order to stop a pandemic.

However, the institute says the emergence of more infectious variants, in particular the British variant, raises concerns about faster transmission of the coronavirus. 90 percent of adults should be vaccinated against COVID-19 in France so that they can hope to return to normal life in October, according to the Institute’s latest models.

During the Easter weekend alone, 10,500 fines were imposed in France and 103,000 inspections were carried out, the French Ministry of the Interior reported. The minimum amount of the fine for breaking sanitary restrictions is EUR 135. If the offense is repeated within two weeks, this increases to € 200, and after three offenses in one month, a penalty of six months’ imprisonment and a fine of € 3,750 may be imposed. In addition, possible penalties are community service and driving license suspension for a maximum of three years.

Authorities from Tuesday stepped up checks on the prohibition of moving between departments. Officers also enforce a ban on leaving the house after 7 p.m. due to the country-wide curfew and an order to stay within 10 kilometers from the place of residence.

Spain with vaccination record

Spain’s medical service vaccinated a record 336.8 thousand people daily against the coronavirus on Wednesday. According to Minister of Health Carolina Darias, medical services have already used more than 75 percent of the 12 million doses of the vaccine delivered to Spain.

On Wednesday evening, the interregional health commission approved new instructions on the use of face masks in public places. The new regulations show that wearing masks will not be obligatory while on the beach, which resulted from the March act on the so-called new normality.

The new guidelines provide for the requirement to wear protective masks on the beach only when moving on the beach. It does not apply to people who sunbathe or are in the water.

Vaccinations in Madrid, SpainReuters

Protests of entrepreneurs in Italy

From the north of Italy to the south, pickets were held for owners and employees of restaurants, bars, shops and gyms. In the square in the city of Pistoia, stalls with no goods were set up. In Naples, protesters held a rally during which they carried crosses.

The comments emphasize that in Italy there is growing social tension and frustration of representatives of many industries, who suffer losses due to anti-epidemic restrictions. – The frostbite will take place, mainly from May, perhaps after April 20 something will be opened – said Minister for Regional Policy Mariastella Gelmini to representatives of the wedding industry.

The Italian Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that 627 people died on COVID-19 last day and 13,708 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in 339,000 tests. The positive performance rate was down to 4 percent. The total death toll in the country has increased to 112,374. There are over 3,700 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units.

Main photo source: SEDAT SUNA / PAP / EPA

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