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Coronavirus in Poland. A Polish language competition was organized in Trąbki Wielkie

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A stationary Polish language competition was organized for students from Pomerania during the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The head of the commune in which the qualifying rounds are taking place claims that everything is in accordance with the sanitary regulations and rules.

The health ministry is talking about the peak of the third wave of the epidemic, while on Thursday in Trąbki Wielkie in Pomerania, stationary qualifiers of the 3rd degree of the provincial Polish language competition are held. 175 students take part in them. Parents of some of them, concerned about this idea informed Kontakt24 about the case.

The mayor assesses the chances

– It is possible because the regulation of the Council of Ministers of March 19 this year provides for certain restrictions, but there are also exemptions from this regime, including school Olympics – explains Błażej Konkol, the mayor of the Trąbki Wielkie commune, which is organizing the competition.

It reassures that all restrictions are followed. – We are able to conduct the competition safely even for 250 students – says Konkol. He emphasizes that appropriate distances are kept, young people wear masks and there is no refreshment.

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– The competition takes place in several places in the school. In the gymnasium, in the large school hall, as well as in the side halls. The distances between the tables are not less than two meters. In my opinion, the chances of infection are minimal or almost equal to zero – says the head of the commune head.

“We have enough restrictions”

According to Konkol, “an online competition is not the same as a competition at school”. – We have so many of these restrictions that we all have enough of them. So, if the government ordinance allows for such a possibility, why not take advantage of it – he adds.

He also argues that it is safer in the halls where the Olympics are held than in a supermarket.

Parents who brought their children to the competition had different views on the subject. – In my opinion, it could have been organized in a different form. On the Internet or in schools in our cities – one of them thinks. – It’s a risk. The national competition in history was held online and everything was fine – added another parent.

– Everything is organized safely. A few entrances, children sit in different rooms – others said.


“I don’t think it’s safe, but it’s a good chance for our kids.” Online might not be fair, because some people could cheat, another parent believes.

Thursday the health ministry informed o 1484 new confirmed infections with coronavirus in Pomerania.

Main photo source: tvn24

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