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Coronavirus in Poland. Extended carer’s allowance – until when will it be paid?

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The payment of additional care allowance will be extended by another two weeks – until April 25 – according to information posted on government websites. Responsible for the preparation of the draft regulation on this matter is the Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

It is about a draft regulation of the Council of Ministers on determining a longer period of receiving additional care allowance in order to counteract COVID-19. The draft has not yet been published on the website of the Government Legislation Center. For now, information on this matter has been included in the list of legislative and program works of the Council of Ministers.

The period for which the additional care allowance was granted was extended several times. According to the latest regulation, parents can use it until April 11. Now the payment of benefits is to be extended once again. “The draft regulation proposes granting the right to an additional care allowance for a period of 14 days, from April 12, 2021 to April 25, 2021” – it was written.

As indicated, an additional period of the allowance will also be granted to persons entitled due to the inability to provide care for the child by nannies or day carers due to COVID-19, due to the temporary limitation of the functioning of facilities due to COVID-19, for the period of inability to provide care by these facility.


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Additional care allowance

The additional care allowance is intended both for the care of children up to 8 years of age and for older children with a relevant certificate of disability. It is granted to insured parents of children under 16 who have a certificate of disability; up to 18 years of age who have a certificate of severe or moderate disability; and up to 24 years old who have a special education certificate.

A parent’s declaration is required for the benefit payment. They should be sent to the employer or client.

The parent-entrepreneur submits the document to the Social Insurance Institution. The statement may be submitted electronically via the ZUS Electronic Services Platform. Select the ZAS-58 application from the list of available documents.

The allowance is granted to the mother or father of the child and is paid to the parent who applies for it.

Monthly care allowance – both additional due to COVID-19 and granted for the so-called general rules – 80 percent. salary. It is paid for each day on which care is provided, including public holidays.

The additional care allowance is not included in the limit of 60 days of care allowance in a calendar year, granted for the so-called general rules.

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