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Coronavirus in Poland. Katarzyna Lubnauer and Tomasz Latos on vaccinations against COVID-19

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Chaos is the word that we associate the most with the current situation – said Katarzyna Lubnauer (KO) in “Yes,” commenting on the course of the vaccination process against COVID-19 in Poland. MP Tomasz Latos (PiS) emphasized that almost all doctors had already been vaccinated. In his opinion, if people from the so-called group 0 did not take the preparation, “it was either because they could not be vaccinated at that moment, or they did not want to be vaccinated at that time.”

According to a report published on the government website, by Tuesday morning in Poland 2,759,436 vaccinations were performed. The first dose of the vaccine was administered 1,824,654 times, the second – 934,782 times. On the last day, 41,302 vaccinations were performed.


“Some doctors are still unvaccinated, and we already have the third wave.”

The course of the government vaccination program was discussed in “Tak jest” on TVN24 by Katarzyna Lubnauer, a member of the Civic Coalition and Tomasz Latos, a member of the Law and Justice party.

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According to Lubnauer, “we have chaos from the start when it comes to vaccination.” She assessed that the “group zero”, which included employees of medical facilities from which vaccination started, was “poorly structured”. “The effect is that some doctors are still unvaccinated, and we have a third wave,” she said.

– A group of doctors is buried, at the same time seniors have postponed the second vaccination. We are dealing with a situation in which a great many people in their 80’s have not yet had vaccination dates, she continued. As she assessed, “chaos is indeed the word that we associate the most with the present situation”.

Not all medics are vaccinated. “This will of course be completed now”

Latos, on the other hand, said that about 98 percent of doctors had already been vaccinated. – It looks worse when it comes to dentists – he admitted. – Those people who have not been vaccinated so far either because they could not be vaccinated at a given moment or because they did not want to be vaccinated at that time. This will of course be completed now – he explained.

In his opinion, the course of the vaccination process “depends on the supply of vaccines, on pharmaceutical companies, on what the EU structures can manage.” The PiS MP reminded that it was the European Union that negotiated with companies to purchase coronavirus vaccines for the member states.

“This is not a pandemic government”

Last week, the government dealt with the bill on the ratification of the decision concerning EU reconstruction fund. It is about the Council’s decision of December 14, 2020 on the system of own resources of the European Union. According to RMF FM, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki “pushed very hard to swiftly adopt the act on a large EU fund, the value of which is EUR 750 billion, but Zbigniew Ziobro did not agree to it.” Solidarna Polska announced earlier that it would not vote for the ratification of the new own resources, which is necessary to launch the reconstruction fund.

Lubnauer said on TVN24 that the government should adopt a reconstruction fund. – Together with the reconstruction fund, we need to know the second thing: the national reconstruction plan. We are waiting for a full set – said the KO MP.

As she said, “the national reconstruction plan is clear information on what the funds from the reconstruction fund are to be spent on”. – Entrepreneurs are waiting for help, the whole economy is waiting for such a flywheel, the energy sector is waiting for us to finally have green energy – she enumerated.

According to her, “this is a question of the possibilities and opportunities that are created by the reconstruction fund”. “That is why we were very clearly in favor of the reconstruction fund from the beginning,” she said. She noted that “most countries, now a dozen or so, have submitted a national recovery plan”. “What our government is waiting for, I don’t know,” she said. “It’s not a pandemic government, it’s just,” added Lubnauer.

Lubnauer: This is not a pandemic governmentTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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