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Coronavirus in Poland. MEiN: coronavirus tests were carried out in nearly 134 thousand teachers

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SARS-CoV-2 tests were performed on nearly 134,000 teachers of grades 1-3 of primary schools and school employees. The results were obtained by 122 thousand. of them. 2422 people had a positive test for the presence of the coronavirus, i.e. 2 percent of all who received the results, the Ministry of Education and Science informed.


Screening for SARS-CoV-2 was conducted from January 11 to 15. They were attended by teachers from grades 1-3 of primary schools and special schools. School staff, i.e. administrative staff, school management, secretarial staff, support staff, staff responsible for the technical functioning of the school, cleaning staff, as well as staff carrying out ongoing repair work on the school premises could also attend. The research was voluntary and free. They were performed with the PCR test (for the presence of virus genes).

Research before returning to full-time education

– The data provided by the Chief Sanitary Inspector shows that during the five days of the screening campaign for teachers and administrative staff of schools, swabs were taken from nearly 134 thousand. people. The results were obtained by over 122 thousand. of them. 2422 people received a positive test for the presence of coronavirus – i.e. 2 percent. of all research results – Anna Ostrowska, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education and Science announced on Sunday.

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Separate classrooms, lowered desks. Poznańska Primary School no. 56 ready for children to return to schoolTVN 24

Teachers and non-pedagogical workers in the following voivodeships were most eagerly subjected to the study: Pomorskie (88%), Warmińsko-Mazurskie (86%) and Podkarpackie (85%). The screening tests preceded the return of students from grades 1-3 of primary schools and special schools to full-time education in schools. The youngest students will return to school on Monday.

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Information on the demand for tests was collected through the education offices and Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Stations. Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Stations collected name lists and statements from everyone interested in the study on consent to the processing of personal data and to the study. Each teacher and school employee who applied for the study received an appropriate referral. The tests could be carried out at 600 swab points throughout the country, and the action was supported by 130 teams of the Territorial Defense Forces.

Czarnek: after consultations, we developed guidelines for grades 1-3 of primary schoolsTVN24

The result in the app

Each examined person was to receive the test result on Sunday at the latest in the Patient’s Internet Account. People who have tested positive for SARS-Cov-2 must undergo mandatory 10-day home isolation (in the absence of symptoms) and contact a health care physician by phone. It will also be necessary to report contact persons to the State Sanitary Inspection.

Why will the youngest children go back to school first?Minister Przemysław Czarnek and President Andrzej Duda answer the questions of Internet users.

Main photo source: Grzegorz Momot / PAP

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