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Coronavirus in Poland. Patients with COVID-19 are treated by orthopedists, gynecologists and surgeons

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This wave is much worse, because there are more cases, but we also know a lot more – said Dr. Krzysztof Czarnobilski, deputy director for treatment at the hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Krakow, in “You get up and you know”. – In covid wards, all I can hear is the hum of oxygen coming from the devices. Not only internists and geriatricians, but also doctors of other specialties, such as surgeons, orthopedists and gynecologists, are involved in the fight for every breath of patients – he emphasized

Some specialists, explains Dr. Czarnobilski, have never had contact with such patients.

– For them it is a complete novelty, dealing with a covid patient, sometimes in a very serious condition – emphasized the doctor.


In the intensive care unit, mainly anesthesiologists work with ventilators. Apart from him, however, patients are looked after by doctors of other specialties, supervised by anaesthesiologists.

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– Young doctors are asking when we will return to normal. Not only are they tired, they would also like to do what they dreamed of doing. Surgeons would like to operate, especially residents who study. The situation is really difficult – said Dr. Czarnobilski.

Niedzielski: “There will be no shortage of respirators”. How many are there now?

“Rotation is ongoing”

When asked about free and occupied ventilators, the deputy director of the Krakow hospital replied that although a few seats were vacated on Thursday, ambulances with patients were already waiting in the hospital driveway to fill them up. – The rotation is ongoing, all ventilator beds are occupied, the remaining beds will be full soon – predicts Dr. Czarnobilski.

In a situation where the patient suddenly needs a ventilator and the machines are missing, the search for a place in another facility begins through the voivode’s coordinator. – So far we have even managed to do it – the doctor points out. At the same time, she adds that such searches must be carried out quite often.

– There are often such stations, sometimes they are dramatic. We had a 35-year-old patient who was admitted with slight changes in the lungs, and after two days her lungs were almost completely affected by inflammation and had to be connected to a ventilator – reports the TVN24 interlocutor.

“Our experience counts”

The deputy director for health care at the hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Krakow noted that the facility is in constant contact with the voivode’s services and is ready to transfer patients or accept new ones, if there are free beds.

– Fortunately, there has not been an oxygen failure yet, the system is still functional. Devices that consume a lot of oxygen do their job. The more of these devices, the more loaded the network may be – said Dr. Czarnobilski.

According to the doctor, “we are more resistant with each wave, we have learned more”. – Our experience also counts here. This wave is much more dangerous, because there are many more ill, but we also know more – assessed the TVN24 interlocutor.

Main photo source: Andrzej Lange / PAP

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