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Coronavirus in Poland. Pulmonologist Wojciech Naumnik on complications after COVID-19

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COVID-19 causes a wide variety of ailments and complications. In more than half of the patients we see, we can say, devastation from the nervous system – said pulmonologist Professor Wojciech Naumnik, head of the temporary hospital No. I in Białystok on TVN24. He mentioned “headaches, dizziness, muscle aches and sometimes disturbed consciousness.” He added that “SARS-CoV-2 infections cause patients’ blood to prothrombotic.”

The Health Ministry confirmed on Thursday 27,887 new cases of coronavirus infection. The ministry also announced the death of 954 infected people. This is the highest number of deaths reported within 24 hours since the beginning of the epidemic in our country.


What are the risks of getting COVID-19? Professor Wojciech Naumnik, head of the temporary hospital No. I in Białystok, told about it in an interview with TVN24.

Nervous system ailments

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Professor Wojciech Naumnik emphasized that COVID-19 causes a number of ailments and complications, and “in more than half of patients we see ailments, one could say, devastation from the central nervous system, and the nervous system in general”.

– More than half of the patients complain of headaches, dizziness, muscle aches and sometimes disturbed consciousness – he mentioned.

He added that almost everyone in Poland knows the fact that “patients have smell and taste disorders”. – Maybe we see it less often in this British variety now, but we also observe a tendency that in younger people these taste disturbances, if they occur, last longer – said Naumnik.

As he said, doctors also observe “cerebral circulation disorders, strokes” – Recently we even had a situation where several intracerebral hemorrhages happened, also caused by covid in patients without any other risk factors – he warned.

He noted that these symptoms have “more than 50 percent of patients admitted to the hospital, that is, already undergoing acute covid”. – Of course, after illness, after discharge from the hospital as well – he added.

“Tendency to form clots”

The TVN24 guest also said that “SARS-CoV-2 infections make the blood of patients prothrombotic.” – This tendency to form clots, also in the central nervous system, in other parts of the body, is very high. Even for a long time after discharge from the hospital – said Naumnik.

He noted that most of these symptoms are transient, but, he added, it should also be remembered that “a large proportion of patients also have symptoms of depression, various types of emotional disorders”.

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Patients’ lungs “tend to become fibrotic”

He said that pulmonologists must monitor the state of the respiratory system of patients. – We must remember about the chest X-rays and computed tomography, which have to be performed from time to time – he added

COVID-19, he said, causes the lungs of patients who have the disease “to have a tendency to fibrosis, so we need to watch over the patient. “Above the lungs and all organs,” he added.

Main photo source: Andrzej Lange / PAP

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