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Coronavirus in Poland. Restaurants – Piotr Mueller on opening restaurant gardens for a picnic

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One of the variants that is taken into account in the field of defrosting is the defrosting of outdoor services – government spokesman Piotr Mueller said on radio Jedynka. At the same time, however, he pointed out that the experience of last year shows that many companies did not follow sanitary rules. “So we have to think about how to do it safely so that we don’t recreate another wave of the epidemic,” emphasized Mueller.

As announced by the government the applicable restrictions are to be extended until April 18. This means that the activities of shopping malls and restaurants will remain limited, moreover, large-scale DIY stores, hotels, swimming pools, theaters and cinemas will be closed.

Government spokesman Piotr Mueller was asked how likely it is that these restrictions will be extended until the end of April. – As for their extension in full in this respect, which is now in force, I hope that it will not be necessary and that after April 18, at least some services, also public, will be able to be restored back into operation – said Mueller.

At the same time, he made a reservation that it all depends on what the epidemic situation will look like. He stressed that Tuesday and Wednesday’s results on new cases of infection are not representative because they relate to the holiday season, when fewer people showed up for tests. According to a government spokesman, data on potential infections during Easter will be released only next week.

Opening of restaurant gardens?

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Piotr Mueller asked if there was a chance to open up picnic restaurant gardens and whether the sports industry could also be “unfreezed”, he replied, it was too early to confirm this type of information. – I would like it to be possible, but – as I say – we have current restrictions until April 18 – he stressed.

– One of the variants that is taken into account in the field of defrosting is the defrosting of outdoor services, while the experience of last year shows that, unfortunately, many people, despite clear instructions on how to keep the distance between the tables, or empty tables at all, many companies did not follow this, the government spokesman pointed out.

– We have to consider how to do it in a safe way, so that we do not open another wave of an epidemic – Mueller emphasized in radio Jedynka.


Vaccinations against COVID-19

Mueller was also asked about the vaccination strategy and whether it is possible for all volunteers to be vaccinated in Poland by the end of August. “Yes, of course it is real,” he assessed.

He stressed that the government’s strategy was initially based on just over 6,000 smaller vaccination points so that in the first phase they are “accessible close to the citizen”. – At the moment, we are expanding this vaccination base throughout the country (…) and we are creating new points, together with local governments, to carry out mass vaccination – he explained.

The government spokesman noted that, for example, slightly over half a million vaccinations were carried out in Warsaw, of which over 80,000 at the National Stadium. This – according to Mueller – shows that the high vaccination points that will be triggered offer a very great opportunity to speed up the vaccination program.

Main photo source: PAP

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