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Coronavirus in Poland. SME spokesman Adam Abramowicz appeals to the prime minister to set the final date for lifting the lockdown on April 30 this year. [data]

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Spokesman for Small and Medium Enterprises, Adam Abramowicz, appealed to the prime minister “to set and urgently announce the final date for ending the restrictions.” In Abramowicz’s opinion, the deadline for completing the “defrosting operation” of the entire economy should not exceed 30 April.

The SME spokesman sent a letter to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in which, on behalf of 290 business organizations that are members of the Entrepreneurs’ Council at the SME Ombudsman, and his own, he asked for a final date to remove the lockdown.

“It is high time to announce the end of the lockdown of the economy. The deadline for completing the ‘defrosting operation’ of the entire economy should not exceed 30 April this year. If it can be done sooner, so much the better for the budget. Entrepreneurs must now receive binding information by when they will have to finance the maximum. further downtime “- pointed out Abramowicz.

In the opinion of the spokesman, the entrepreneurs have invested large amounts in security measures and are well prepared to work in the sanitary regime. As he noted, all industries have sanitary protocols approved in the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, “according to which you can safely conduct business activity”.

According to Adam Abramowicz, “establishing and announcing the final date of lifting restrictions in the economy is also important because without financial support (despite the appeals of the SME Ombudsman) there are still entrepreneurs whose turnover has drastically decreased (even by 70 percent) due to the lockdown, but their turnover has activities were not included in the basket of PKD numbers (Polish Classification of Activities – ed.), entitling to compensation “.

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“In the absence of specific information on how long they will have to add to their companies, these entrepreneurs may be forced to give notice to employees, which may soon result in a sudden increase in unemployment” – concluded the spokesman for SMEs.


Restrictions due to epidemic

In accordance with the new ordinance of the Council of Ministers in force the restrictions were extended until April 18. This means that the activities of shopping malls and restaurants remain limited, and, among others, large-scale DIY stores, hotels, swimming pools, theaters and cinemas are closed.

“I am asking the Prime Minister, that the next day – from April 19, other industries can return to work. And I ask that the next communication on this matter includes specific dates for the release of sectors of the economy, and the entire process of exiting the lockdown ends on April 30”

Main photo source: PAP / Łukasz Gągulski

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