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Coronavirus, Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the Austrian Chancellor and the Danish Prime Minister to the gym

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The visit to the gym was one of the points of the visit of the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen in Israel. In this way, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted to show the effect of “green passes” for people vaccinated against the coronavirus. The heads of the three governments discussed cooperation in the production of new vaccines.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the head of the Danish government Mette Frederiksen and the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to the gym in the city of Modiin. The Israeli Prime Minister wanted to show off the system introduced in this country “green passes“, allowing people vaccinated against COVID-19 or those who have had coronavirus infection to enter, among others, gyms or swimming pools.

The pass is valid for six months from the date of receiving the second dose of the vaccine. It also allows you to participate in sports, cultural and religious events, as well as stay in hotels and synagogues.


Benjamin Netanyahu, Sebastian Kurz and Mette Frederiksen in the gymPAP / EPA / AVIGAIL UZI / POOL

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In Israel, vaccination is the fastest in the world. According to the data of the Ministry of Health on Thursday, the first dose of the preparation has already been taken by more than half of the country’s population, the second – about 38 percent.

Netanyahu assured that “in four or five weeks” it would be possible to vaccinate “all people over 50” in Israel. “In Israel, in eight weeks’ time, everyone over the age of 16 will be vaccinated, except for those who refuse to do so for various reasons,” he said.

On February 21, the Prime Minister himself visited one of the gyms in Petah Tikva in Israel’s Central District. He was accompanied by Health Minister Juli Edelstein.

At the end of February, the Prime Minister of Israel visited one of the gyms which resumed operationEPA / Tal Shahar

An alliance of three countries

Chancellor Austria and prime minister Denmark they flew to Israelto talk about collaboration in the production and development of next-generation COVID-19 vaccines. The heads of governments of the three countries signed an agreement on this matter, assuming, inter alia, the establishment of a joint research and development fund. It was emphasized that joint actions are to prepare Israel, Austria and Denmark for possible further pandemics or other health threats.

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Sebastian Kurz, Benjamin Netanyahu and Mette Frederiksen at the conferenceOLIVIER FITOUSSI / EPA / PAP

Formation of an Israeli-Austrian-Danish alliance previously criticized the French foreign ministry, according to which the state European Union they should base their vaccine policy on EU pillars. On the other hand, Kurz criticized the EU’s actions regarding vaccines, accused them of being slow and declared that his country did not want to be dependent on Brussels in this area.

– We must cooperate on this matter within the European Union (…), but we must also cooperate on a global scale – replied the Austrian chancellor. He described Israel as “the first country in the world to prove that the virus can be defeated.”

A line for vaccinations in Tel AvivMostafa Alkharouf / Anadolu Agency / ABACA / PAP

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / AVIGAIL UZI / POOL

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