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Coronavirus vaccine. Sputnik V in Slovakia. Drug institute of delivered vaccine

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The batch of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V delivered to Slovakia on March 1 differs from the substance described in the medical journal “The Lancet”, announced the Slovak State Medicines Institute (SUKL). It has not been decided whether this preparation can be used.

The Slovak State Medicines Institute (SUKL) confirmed that the batches of Sputnik V differ from one another and that the vaccines that Slovakia received are different from those presented in the medical journal Lancet and analyzed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). “According to the published information, Sputnik V is to be used in about 40 countries around the world, but these vaccines are united only by the name” – said SUKL.


The Institute’s specialists also confirmed that the manufacturer did not provide approximately 80 percent of the required documentation related to the preparation. As reported by the Reuters agency, the authority reiterated that due to insufficient data provided by the manufacturer, it was unable to determine the benefits and risks of the vaccine, which Slovakia imported 200,000 doses last monthbut has not yet started to apply.

Vaccinations with the Russian preparation Sputnik VTamas Vasvari / PAP / EPA

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Former Slovak prime minister, current finance minister Igor Matovicz, who brought the Russian vaccine, flew to Moscow on Thursday for talks with the supplier of the preparation. He did not disclose the purpose of the talks, but wrote on a social network that “someone wants to prevent the use of Sputnik V in Slovakia”.

Matovicz assured that he would do everything so that people could start vaccinating themselves with the Russian preparation.

The vaccine was secretly brought to Slovakia a sharp crisis in the government coalition and ultimately cost Matovicz the position of prime minister. Both Prime Minister Eduard Heger and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Korczok know about the politician’s trip to Moscow on Thursday.

Main photo source: Tamas Vasvari / PAP / EPA

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