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Czech Republic, Pilsen. Chemical leak in an industrial wastewater treatment plant. The number of victims has increased

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The death of a third person, who suffered as a result of a chemical spill in Pilsen in the west of the Czech Republic, was reported on Saturday. On Friday, two of the seven injured people died. Investigators commenced proceedings to establish the circumstances of the tragedy that took place on the premises of the industrial wastewater treatment company.

On Friday, there was a leak of substances with a high concentration of sulfur compounds inside the building, on the closed premises of an industrial sewage disposal company in the Skvrniane district of the Czech city of Plzeň. After that, the police closed the roads leading to the plant.


Two people died on Friday, one on Saturday

A total of seven people suffered as a result of the incident. Three of them left the building on their own, and four were resuscitated by paramedics and were taken to hospital in serious condition. Two of these people died, the other two went to the intensive care unit. One of these people was reported on Saturday.

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Two proceedings

Investigators from Pilzno initiated proceedings to establish the circumstances of the tragedy. According to police spokeswoman Michaela Raindlova, expert opinions will be needed in the case of the accident.

The internal investigation is conducted by the Suez company, whose spokeswoman for Kasterzin Kodadova declared full cooperation with the police and the prosecutor’s office. The SUEZ company deals with, among others utilization of sewage and industrial sludge.

The residents are safe

Local fire department spokesman Petr Poncar said local residents were not in danger, but firefighters advised on Friday not to open their windows, just in case. However, hazardous substances did not get into the sewage system and groundwater.

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