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Czestochowa. There were supposed to be two thousand motorcyclists at Jasna Góra. According to the police, there were 10,000

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The policemen blocked the access roads leading to the Jasna Góra meadows. Motorcyclists who did not enter flocked to the surrounding streets. About one hundred tickets have been issued, the materials are to be sent to the prosecutor’s office and sanepid. This is how the motorcycle season began.

On Sunday at 11 a.m. began the 18th Motorcycle Rally Star. Fr. Monsignor Ulan Zdzisław Jastrzębiec Peszkowski to Jasna Góra Monastery. The main point of the event was the mass in Jasna Góra meadows, located by the monastery.

– Before the pilgrimage, the police met the organizer and obtained information that the planned number is up to two thousand motorcyclists – says Sabina Chyra-Giereś, spokeswoman for the police in Częstochowa.

On the basis of this information and their own, the policemen prepared adequate forces to secure the event. – As the number of motorcyclists increased, the city police commander decided to close the access roads to the meadows and not allow more than seven thousand motorcyclists to enter there – adds the spokeswoman.

It has been estimated that with such a large number of people it will be possible to maintain the sanitary regime in the area of ​​32,000 square meters. The forces were also increased – there were about 86 officers on the spot.

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Motorcycle convention at Jasna Góra and 100 ticketsSilesian police

The police estimate that about ten thousand motorcyclists came to Jasna Góra. Three thousand of those who were not admitted to the meadows gathered in the alleys around the meadows and the monastery.

Chyra-Giereś assures that the policemen were monitoring the sanitary regime – Apart from the fact that the messages were transmitted during the service, the policemen legitimized the persons – he says.

According to her calculations, they identified 156 people, inspected 130 places of their grouping and imposed almost 100 fines on those who broke the restrictions. He also ensures that the materials collected during this event will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office and to the health and safety department in terms of violation of the law by the organizer of the pilgrimage.

Motorcycle convention at Jasna Góra and 100 ticketsSilesian police


“Usually there are hundreds of thousands of people on this pilgrimage”

The organizers of the congress argued that they appealed to the arrivals to comply with the sanitary regime. There were also posters reminding about the applicable restrictions.

Michał Legan, the press spokesman of Jasna Góra, said in an interview with us that this year’s pilgrimage was of a very limited nature. – Usually there are hundreds of thousands of peopleThis year, due to the epidemic, the organizers limited this number – said Legan.

– We at Jasna Góra, in turn, made sure that all sanitary restrictions were kept. The pilgrims are quite disciplined, we can see that they wear masks, keep their social distance in the square during the Holy Mass. We can also see that they use hand disinfection points at Jasna Góra, which is why we are very happy with this responsibility – he added.

Motorcycle convention at Jasna Góra and 100 ticketsSilesian police

Main photo source: Silesian police

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