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Do not sign the letter in defense of John Paul II. “Now not defense is needed, but truth”

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Former editor-in-chief of “Tygodnik Powszechny”, Fr. Adam Boniecki in the latest issue referred to John Paul II. The starting point was that unknown persons added the word “victims” to the name “Aleja Jana Pawła II” in Warsaw. It took place after TVN24 broadcast the movie “Don Stanislao”, in which the address of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, the closest associate of John Paul II, were accused of covering up pedophilia, which, according to the authors of the report, the Pope might also know.

Card. Dziwisz about Fr. Wodniaku: Why do everyone want to convince you that it’s my fault?

Fr. Adam Boniecki: I will not sign a letter in defense of John Paul II

According to Fr. Adam Boniecki, the idea of ​​taking the name of John Paul II from streets, roundabouts or facilities, such as schools or hospitals, “stems from irritation”. The priest believes that John Paul II successfully fought against pedophilia when the case of pedophile priests became famous at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s.

It concerned the wave of abuse, especially visible in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. John Paul II therefore called the American episcopate to the Vatican and in June 1993 wrote him a letter ordering “zero tolerance for pedophilia.”

– we read. According to Fr. Adam Boniecki, the position of John Paul II “was so firm and clear” that in 1994 the magazine “Time” awarded the Polish Pope the title of “Man of the Year”.

“In 1996 the same strict standards were applied by the Pope to the Church in Ireland,” Fr. Adam Boniecki.

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Priest (illustrative photo)Pedophilia in the Catholic Church. We recall the biggest scandals

He added that in accordance with the will of the Polish Pope, expressed in the papal letter of the decree “Sacramentorum sanctitatis tutela” of 2001, confirmation of accusations of pedophilia was to result in the removal of priests from the clergy.

It was a turning point. Yes, it was John Paul II who declared war against the pedophilia of the clergy

– believes Fr. Boniecki.

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The appeal of Father Gużyński to Cardinal Dziwisza: Tell the truth, stop scheming

Fr. Boniecki about Degollado: John Paul II could not have been aware of this man’s role

The priest referred to the case of the pedophile Maciel Degollado, a Mexican priest who had been abusing children and seminarians for years. Fr. Boniecki believes that Degollado “pretended to be a zealous priest for 60 years” and “deceived five more popes over the course of many years.” In his opinion, “John Paul II could not have been aware of the role of this man.”

According to Fr. Adam Boniecki, one of the main problems is that John Paul II was “elevated to a superhuman level” in Poland.

Once he began to be the ubiquitous incarnation of faith in God, the incarnation of the Church, homeland and all wisdom, when he was already dehumanized, he became a phantom closer to his shadowy monuments than to his real self. For Polish Catholicism, it became an obvious proof of uniqueness, greatness and national choice. For many Poles, especially the young, overwhelmed by the omnipresent and empty “John Pauline”, his cult in this form was more and more unbearable. He was a mask of the hypocrisy of power and the Church, mutually counterproductive in down-to-earth interests

– said Fr. Boniecki. “I won’t sign a letter in defense of John Paul II and I will not fight for the names of the streets, and as for the monuments, their eruption must have ended badly. “John Paul II does not need defense now, but the full truth. It may not be equal to the myth, but it will not be necessary to defend the Pope” – he concluded.


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