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Geneva. Mural with the image of Alexei Navalny

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Smiling Alexei Navalny puts his hands together in the shape of a heart – such a mural appeared recently in Geneva, where the presidents of the US and Russia met on Wednesday. The situation of the Russian opposition activist is to be one of the main topics at the Biden-Putin summit.

The first official meeting between the new US President Joe Biden and Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin takes place in Geneva on Wednesday. The meeting started around 1pm at the La Grange villa on Lake Geneva and is expected to last from four to even five hours. Separate press conferences of the presidents are planned after two sessions of talks, also with the enlarged composition. Vladimir Putin will be the first to speak to journalists.


During the summit, the issue of human rights, especially of the Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, who is imprisoned in a penal colony, will certainly cause a difference of opinion. The US administration demands his immediate release. Moscow denies the accusations of poisoning it, and replies sharply that the United States cannot interfere in its domestic politics.

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Mural with the image of Alexei Navalny in GenevaPAP / EPA / MARTIAL TREZZINI

Recently, a mural with the image of Navalny folding his hands in the shape of a heart appeared in Geneva. Next to it is the inscription in French: “Hero of our time”. It is not known who the author of the work is. The painting alludes to a similar mural in St. Petersburg, which was quickly painted over by the Russian authorities.

Saint Petersburg, a painted mural with the image of Alexei NavalnyOlga Maltseva / AFP / East News

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / MARTIAL TREZZINI

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