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GetBack case. The District Court in Warsaw decided that Leszek Czarnecki would not be arrested

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The District Court in Warsaw dismissed the prosecutor’s appeal against the decision of the district court, which refused the motion for the temporary arrest of Leszek Czarnecki in connection with the suspicion of his participation in the GetBack scandal.

The District Court in Warsaw on Thursday dismissed both complaints (prosecution and defense) submitted in the case, at the same time sharing the position of the District Court for Warszawa-Śródmieście, which in December 2020 did not grant the motion of the public prosecutor for the temporary arrest of Leszek Czarnecki.


District court decision

The district court then decided that there was a probability of the businessman committing the alleged act, but it was not agreed to apply the most severe preventive measure to him due to the lack of grounds to claim that Czarnecki would be hiding or lying in the case.

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The complaint was lodged by the prosecutor’s office and the defense of Czarnecki, which – as reported by attorney Jakub Wende – did not question the decision, but its justification. – We believe that the theses presented by the prosecutor’s office and the evidence supporting them do not justify the crime committed by Leszek Czarnecki, said attorney Wende.

The GetBack Affair

In July last year, the prosecutor’s office released decision to present charges against Leszek Czarnecki on GetBack.

The prosecutor’s office believes that Czarnecki as “Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Idea Bank SA and the person actually managing it, by expressing consent, made it possible to organize and conduct the sale of GetBack SA bonds in the Idea Bank SA network, through which GetBack SA bonds were purchased by nearly 2,000 people for the amount of 731 million Idea Bank clients were systematically misled as to the safety of the invested funds, the properties of the purchased financial instrument and its exclusivity. ” The distribution of bonds through Idea Bank was carried out without the authorization of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The investigation in the GetBack case was initiated on April 24, 2018 after the notifications of the chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The proceedings concern large-scale property damage, keeping accounting books contrary to the provisions and providing false information. Losses are estimated at as much as PLN 2.6 billion.

Main photo source: Tomasz Kawka / East News

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