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Good Start 300 plus. Changes in the submission of the application and payment of money, assumptions of the MRiPS project

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Changing the current form of submitting the application and the method of payment of the benefit – these are new products that are to appear in the Dobry Start program. The assumptions of the draft regulation in this matter were published on government websites.

The body responsible for developing the project is the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. The draft is to be adopted by the Council of Ministers later this quarter.

The allowance in the amount of PLN 300 is granted once a year for a child attending school until the child reaches the age of 20. Disabled children studying at school will receive the allowance until they turn 24. Support is also available for students of post-secondary schools and schools for adults.

The draft regulation is to introduce three fundamental changes to the Dobry Start program.

Changes to the Dobry Start program

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First of all, the body operating the Dobry Start program is to change. The proposed change assumes the change of the body to the Social Insurance Institution, which – as indicated – “has adequate human resources and IT systems, and thus will handle the payment of benefits in a more effective way”. Currently, the tasks related to the provision of services are performed by the commune and the poviat.

The second amendment assumes the exclusion of the possibility of submitting applications in paper form and leaving only the possibility of submitting an application for a benefit through ICT systems. Currently, the application can also be submitted in the traditional form – directly at the office or via post.

Third, the way in which the Good Start is paid is about to change. The government wants to move away from the payment of the benefit in cash and by postal order in favor of a non-cash payment to the bank account indicated by the applicant. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, this is to bring savings in the years 2021-2031 at the level of approx. PLN 488 million.

“The costs of servicing the” good start “service are currently set at PLN 10 for one child or one learner, for which the right to provide a good start is established. The proposed changes in the scope of the service provider and the form of its distribution (only to a bank account) will result in a significant reduction in service costs “- representatives of the ministry emphasized.

As indicated, the project assumes that service costs are defined as 0.1 percent. the amount earmarked for the payment of Dobry Start benefits. “In the period 2021–2031, the total estimated service costs will amount to approx. PLN 15 million, which means savings for the state budget of approx. PLN 488 million in the discussed period” – we read.


Deadline for submitting the application

To receive support from the Dobry Start program, you must submit an application. It can be submitted online from July 1 or via traditional route from August 1. The deadline for submitting the application is the end of November.

The application may be submitted by the mother, father, legal guardian of the child or the actual guardian of the child.

Currently, around 4.45 million children use the program. The data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy for December 2020 show that over PLN 4 billion has been spent on the program since its launch in 2018. The total costs of servicing the service from the beginning of the program’s operation amounted to nearly PLN 131 million.

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