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Hacking attack on Michał Dworczyk’s e-mail box. Mariusz Kamiński does not answer the questions asked

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After a hacking attack on the private mailbox of the head of the chancellery of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk, the TVN24 reporter tried to ask for details from the coordinator of the special services and the minister of the interior and administration, Mariusz Kamiński. However, the questions remained unanswered.

On Tuesday night, the head of the prime minister’s office Michał Dworczyk issued a statement in connection with “reports of hacking into his email and his wife’s mailbox.” He wrote that he had informed “the relevant state services” on this matter. The report was received by Internal Security Agency. Dworczyk assured that the hackers did not attack “any information that was classified, restricted, secret or top secret”.


TVN24 reporter Maja Wójcikowska tried to ask about this issue on Friday during the celebration of the State Protection Service Day.

Before the minister entered the ceremony, the journalist tried to find out what the services had agreed on the hacker attack, and who was responsible for it. However, Mariusz Kamiński did not react to the questions and went directly to the Belweder courtyard.

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An attempt by a TVN24 journalist to ask Mariusz Kamiński questionsTVN24

A similar situation took place after the end of the ceremony. The TVN24 journalist again asked questions about the hacking attack, but the minister immediately went to his limousine, leaving them unanswered.

Main photo source: TVN24

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