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He would have received 44 penalty points if he had had a driving license

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The crazy escape of a motorcyclist was recorded by a camera in a police car from the Leszno police station. As it turned out, the driver ran away because he did not have a driving license. If he had them, he would lose them right away.

On Wednesday, before 8 o’clock, policemen from the Leszno group “Speed” noticed the motorcycle driver who exceeded the speed limit. – The yamaha driver was driving along Piłsudskiego Street towards Rondo Podwale at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour, where the limit is 70 kilometers per hour – informs Monika Żymełka, spokesman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Leszno.


“Upstream” at the roundabout, rally in the left lane

When the police tried to stop the driver for inspection, using light and sound signals, the motorcyclist accelerated. After a while he drove into the roundabout “against the current” and then turned into Fabryczna Street.

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– There began another performance of the two-wheeled driver. He drove almost the entire Fabryczna street in the lane intended for the opposite direction, to such an extent that other drivers had to go to the right side of the road. Breaking the overtaking ban, he was racing through the city on the “fifty” at a speed of 128 kilometers per hour. He overtook other vehicles avoiding the islet with a pedestrian crossing – describes Żymełka.

The motorcyclist’s escape ended with a fall. – At the intersection of Śniadeckich and Karasia streets, he did not control the vehicle he was driving and fell over – says Żymełka.

The policemen ran out of the police car and stopped the road pirate. It turned out to be a 28-year-old resident of Leszno. – The man was not authorized to drive any vehicles. The motorcycle that was charging around the city had worn tire treads – the policewoman says.

The uniforms “counted up” the driver’s achievements and it turned out that the 28-year-old had committed the offense of not being arrested for police control, ten traffic offenses, and if he had been entered in the drivers’ register, his account would have received 44 penalty points.

The case will find its final in court. The 28-year-old faces up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: KMP Leszno

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