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Italy. Crisis in the coalition. Giuseppe Conte’s government received a vote of confidence in the Senate

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The Italian government, led by Giuseppe Conte, received a confidence vote in the Senate on Tuesday. The result of the vote was uncertain, and the votes of senators from outside the coalition prevailed, but they decided to support the cabinet. – It is very difficult to rule in conditions where someone is throwing mines along the way – said the head of government, referring to the political crisis within the coalition.

The government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte received a confidence vote in the Senate on Tuesday.

156 senators voted for the vote, 140 against. 16 MPs from the Italia Viva party of former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, whose leaving the coalition caused the crisis, abstained.

Conte’s second government was established in September 2019. The recent exit of the former center-left prime minister’s formation has shaken the stability of the coalition of the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement. The head of government decided to verify support for him in parliament, asking for a vote of confidence.

On Monday he was given it by the Chamber of Deputies.

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The prime minister sought the support of all “constructive forces”

The comments were dominated by the voices that the government’s situation is not easy, as it will have to constantly strive for additional support in the Senate.

In his morning speech in the upper house, the prime minister appealed for support to all “constructive forces” who, he said, “have the country’s good at heart.”

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe ContePAP / EPA / ROBERTO MONALDO / POOL

“The feeling of government unity has increased”

– With the pandemic, with the suffering, the country was united as a result. The feeling of government unity has increased, there is more to be together, Conte said. He stressed the need to get Italy out of the pandemic.

Referring to the dispute in the coalition initiated by Renzi’s party, the head of government said: – In this crisis, we are in danger of losing touch with reality.

The prime minister added that “it is very difficult to rule in conditions where someone is throwing mines along the way”, which was a criticism of the politician who caused the coalition crisis.

Conte pointed out that “this country deserves a cohesive government.” Among the urgent tasks, he mentioned the completion of work on the allocation of EUR 209 billion from the EU reconstruction fund.

Just before the evening vote, the prime minister said Italy needed a policy aimed at solving demographic problems and investing in children and youth, not a crisis in the government and “attempts to overthrow it”.

Conte also said that a “structural reform of the judiciary”, “recommended by the European Union”, must be carried out.

He criticized the Italia Viva group, saying to its politicians: – At some point you chose the path of aggression and media attacks.

– Can we say that maybe it is not the best choice for the country’s interests? asked the Prime Minister.

The leader of the center-right opposition, the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, accused the coalition politicians of seeking not support, but “partners” so as not to lose their positions. The center-right has called for the government to resign and to call early elections.

The government does not have a majority, opposition politicians said after the vote.

The Senate debated a vote of confidence in the government of Giuseppe ContePAP / EPA / ROBERTO MONALDO / POOL

Stormy debates of the Senate

The coalition politicians’ recognition and admiration was caused by the attitude of 90-year-old senator Liliana Segre, who came from Milan to Rome for the Senate deliberations in order to – as she explained – “support the government”.

During the vote, there was chaos and tensions in the Senate over allowing two late arrivals to vote.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / ROBERTO MONALDO / POOL

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