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Jaroslaw. Ukrainian coach accident. The driver heard the charge of unintentionally bringing a disaster in land traffic

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The driver of the Ukrainian coach, which crashed on the A4 motorway near Jarosław in Podkarpacie, heard the accusation of inadvertently bringing the disaster in land traffic. – Although he was driving at the permitted speed on the highway, that is, he did not charge, the speed was not adapted to the right-turn maneuver, said prosecutor Beata Starzecka from the Przemyśl prosecutor’s office. Five people were killed in the incident. The man is threatened with up to eight years in prison.

Five people died in the accident of a Ukrainian coach, which happened on Friday night on the A4 motorway near the Kaszyce Passenger Service Center (MOP) near Jarosław (Podkarpacie). Dozens of people were injured.

Deputy District Prosecutor in Przemyśl, Prosecutor Beata Starzecka informed on Sunday evening that 48-year-old Wołodymyr K., who was driving the coach at the time, was charged with accidentally causing a disaster in land traffic.


“It was a speed not adapted to the maneuver taken”

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The prosecutor said that the findings so far made it possible to assume that the most likely version of the events was that the driver intended to turn right at the ILO.

Meanwhile, according to the tachograph secured for investigation, the bus driver was driving at a speed of 96-97 km / h just before the accident, but just before the accident, the vehicle speed dropped from 95 to 45 km / h for the last four seconds.

– Although he was driving at the speed allowed on the motorway, that is, he was not charging, the speed was not adjusted to the right turn maneuver, said the prosecutor Starzecka. She explained that this was why the driver was charged with manslaughter in land traffic. For this, he is threatening up to eight years in prison.

The suspect is currently in the hospital and was interrogated there. The prosecutor said the man said he could not comment on the allegations – say whether he confessed or not. He added that he did not remember the event. He also refused to provide explanations due to his emotional state and announced that he would submit them later.

In relation to the suspect, the prosecutor imposed a ban on leaving Poland, combined with the retention of the passport, and police surveillance seven times a week.

The second driver was heard as a witness

The second driver, who was not driving at the time of the accident, 35-year-old Stepan K. was questioned as a witness on Saturday. The next procedural steps with his participation took place on Sunday. At the present stage of the investigation, the prosecutor’s office does not provide detailed information on this matter.

Both drivers were sober. Blood was also taken from them, incl. for the presence of drugs and other intoxicants. Initial tests showed no evidence of their presence. It was also established that the drivers had not changed over the last two hours and 45 minutes.

The bus turned over to its right side and rolled down the slope

The accident happened on Friday before midnight. The Ukrainian bus hit the energy-intensive cover. The findings so far show that as a result of the impact the protective barrier got under the coach, and the vehicle on it overturned to the right side and rolled off the slope.

57 people traveled on the bus, including two drivers. As a result of the accident, five people were killed and 41 were injured. There are 25 of them in hospital, 4 of which are in a serious condition. On the other hand, 24 travelers who participated in the accident have already left Poland.

The bus was not a cruise coach, but a cruise coach, so the people traveling on it were random. At the scene of the accident, it was possible to identify three of the five fatalities because they had the documents with them. It is one woman and two men. The two remaining dead will be identified. All we know is that they were women.

“It was not an organized group. These people did not know each other”TVN24

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz / PAP

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