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Friday, January 15, 2021

Krakow. The security guard from Biedronka unjustly attacked the client. “Nobody Help Me”

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The event took place on Monday 23.11 in the morning in Biedronka at ul. Berka Joselewicza 28 in Krakow. Georgij Staniszewski came to the store to buy flowers and sweets for his 15-year-old sister, who had her birthday that day. The man bought the products at the checkout, took the receipt, then left the store and walked towards the stop.

– I was almost at the stop when I felt three hard blows to my back. I turned around, I saw a fat man, 25, grabbed my hands and tried to do something with them – he described in a post on Facebook. The man added that he realized that he was dealing with a security guard. – After I understood who this gentleman was, I asked him with a characteristic Eastern accent what was going on here – said the man, who was then knocked to the ground. The bodyguard sat on his back and handcuffed him.

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Cracow. A security guard from Biedronka attacked the client. “Nobody helped me”

The injured person shouted that he was choking and started calling for help to passers-by so that they could call the police.

Nobody helped me. Literally no one. The Cracovians were walking past me without even paying attention. And while I didn’t get the crowd reaction, the reaction of the moron who was choking me was lightning fast. He growled to me, “Shut up you fucking Ukrainian,” then flooded my eyes with a copious dose of pepper spray. And I shut up because I didn’t want to get in yet

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– we read.

The man added that, while walking towards the store, he had told the security guard several times that he had a receipt. When the security guard led the victim back to the store, he was supposed to smile with a smile, “Well, where the fuck do you suppose you have that receipt”.

Strangely enough, he agreed to take the receipt out of his pocket, probably thinking I was cheating on him. After looking at the crumpled piece of paper for a minute, he took the handcuffs off me and pushed me back into the shop floor. He didn’t say anything to me. He neither apologized nor said he was wrong – he just stuffed me.

The man started calling for the store manager. The woman who approached him and pretended to be the manager refused to help him. “I had terrible pain in my eyes, I wanted to rinse them with water. Only after I called the police, I was allowed to use the water tap” – describes the man.

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The victim tried to get help from the police who arrived at the scene – but was sent to the police station “if he wanted to institute proceedings”. Then he went to the hospital, because the officer “said that I was waiting unnecessarily anyway, because without the information card from the hospital I would not be admitted”.

The man obtained the required documentation at the hospital. Then he again appeared at the police station, where he was told that he had to come after 3 p.m.

“Nobody apologized to me, from that bodyguard-sadist-xenophobe to the store manager. I was beaten and humiliated, and it looks like no one will suffer any consequences” – concludes the man.

Deputy Daria Gosek-Popiołek was involved in the case and asked the commander of the city police for clarification.

In turn, representatives of Biedronka in a statement sent to Onet they apologized to the injured man and said that an employee of “the external security agency Argus will never again work in our stores”. The company also called on the management of the agency to “take decisive action” so that this situation never happens again.

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