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Krystyna Pawłowicz disclosed the data of a transgender child. Michał Wójcik commented on the matter

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I will always stand for the children, for their welfare, no matter what the situation is. It is good that this tweet was deleted by the professor, but the problem is much wider – stated in “Kropka nad i” the minister in the office of the prime minister Michał Wójcik from Solidarna Polska. He commented on the entry by Krystyna Pawłowicz about a transgender child who was removed after several dozen hours. However, he judged that “it is not allowed to turn the world on its head”. “It’s either a woman or a man,” he said.

Krystyna Pawłowicz on Twitter, she published information on a transgender child on Tuesday. Pawłowicz provided the child’s details (name and age), the school the child attends and the headmistress of the facility. She wrote about the resolution on how teachers should address children at the request of parents. “The data on marital status records has been disregarded,” she said.

After a wave of criticism and announcements of taking action, among others, by the Office of the Ombudsman, Pawłowicz deleted her Tuesday entry on Thursday. She later wrote that she did not want to “hurt the baby” and that she apologized to them.


“I will always stand for children”

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The case was commented on in “Kropka nad i” by the minister in the chancellery of the prime minister Michał Wójcik. When asked if Krystyna Pawłowicz broke the law, he said that “to his knowledge, Ms. Krystyna Pawłowicz deleted this tweet.”

– I will always stand for children, for their welfare, no matter what the situation is – he said. – In this case, I believe that the first person who should ask himself whether it was good for the child to make such a resolution of the pedagogical council is the headmaster of this school – he added.

Asked whether it is possible to provide sensitive data, he replied: “I do not know this matter exactly, I reserve it”. – However, as far as I know, the school head is a public official. It is probably a school where the governing body is the local government. He is a public official, so this is a slightly different situation – said Wójcik.

Asked about the importance of whether it is a public or private school, and whether the child’s best interests are not the most important, he said that he “once again emphasizes that the child’s best interests are paramount”. – However, we are departing a bit from what is essence. You are talking to Michał Wójcik, not Zosia Wójcik, or Michalina Wójcik – said the minister.

Michał Wójcik commented in “Kropka nad i” Krystyna Pawłowicz’s entry about a transgender childTVN24

Wójcik: it’s good that Pawłowicz deleted the entry

– In Poland, there is a procedure for changing sex, changing the marital status record, it is possible to bring an action under the civil procedure. There is one of the provisions that allows such a possibility and a possible mention in the marital status record may be introduced if the court deems it so. It is not the headmaster of the school that decides about it, but the court – he added.

– I know the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court on this subject. Even – I do not refer to this case – someone who considers himself a transgender person does not mean that it is necessary to change sex – he said in “Kropka nad i” Wójcik.

Asked whether a child can be harmed in a state ruled by law, even if he is a judge of the Constitutional Tribunal, Wójcik replied that “for 6 years he has been dealing with the protection of children’s rights and will always be on the side of the child. – I emphasize once again that it is good that this tweet was deleted by the professor, but the problem is much wider, much deeper – assessed the politician of Solidarity Poland.

– You are talking about Professor Pawłowicz, whom I respect very much – she is certainly an outstanding lawyer – and we are not talking, for example, about the director who forced, one could say, the pedagogical council to adopt such a resolution – he added, addressing the program leader Monika Olejnik.

When asked how he knew if the headmistress forced the pedagogical council, since he said that he did not know this matter exactly, he said that “he would like to ask, first of all, what was the legal basis for the adoption of such a resolution by the pedagogical council, because there is no such basis in the education law legal “.

– If a man is a man, it cannot be decreed that I should perceive such a man as a woman – he added. He noted that “it does not refer to this individual situation, to this child, because this child is the poorest in this whole matter”.

Wójcik: it is good that Krystyna Pawłowicz deleted the entry for the sake of the child’s best interestsTVN24

“We are not allowed to turn the world on its head”

– Parents want to tell the child that he is not a boy, but a girl, and I understand that this is what teachers and everyone should do. Is it good for a baby? – said Wójcik.

In his opinion, “there will be more such cases in the coming months.” – What we talked about? About ideology not entering schools. That’s what it is all about, ‘he added.

“It is not allowed to turn the world on its head. There is either a woman or a man”TVN24

– When you asked me about the Istanbul Convention in your program, I said: there are biological features, you are either a man or a woman. And not that it is culturally, socially. I believe that I am a man, and please tell me that I am a woman, treat me like that, I don’t know, retire early, can use other things – continued Wójcik.

– We must not turn the world on its head. It is either a woman or a man, he assessed.

– There is a birth certificate, civil status records. It is known that there is a certain procedure. You cannot choose your gender – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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