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Krystyna Pawłowicz revealed the details of a transgender child

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The Office of the Ombudsman is to investigate the disclosure of the data of a transgender child by judge of the Constitutional Tribunal, Krystyna Pawłowicz. Cezary Tomczyk, MP from PO, wants to submit a notification to the prosecutor’s office on this matter. – She consciously put the child in danger – he said in an interview with the Onet portal.

On her Twitter profile, Krystyna Pawłowicz published information about a child attending one of the primary schools in Podkowa Leśna. Pawłowicz provided the data of the child (name and age), school and headmistress. She wrote about the resolution according to which teachers will refer to the child using a female first name at the parents’ request. “The data on marital status records has been disregarded” – she added.

The Trans-Fuzja Foundation, which deals with the rights of transgender people, recalls that, according to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, “using pronouns and names of transgender people that match their identity reduces the risk of suicide by 65 percent.”

Krystyna PawłowiczRoman Zawistowski / PAP

“She consciously put the child in danger”

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The Office of the Ombudsman has announced that it will look at the issue of giving the child’s data by the judge, Interia reports. Magdalena Kuraś, the director of the Equal Treatment Team in the Office of the Human Rights Defender, said, “in the light of media reports, the behavior of the school headmistress was correct and was aimed at ensuring respect for the dignity and safety of the child”.

Cezary Tomczyk, MP from the Civic Platform, announced that he would submit a notification to the prosecutor’s office in this case.

– My older son is 9 years old and I cannot imagine what I would do if something like this concerned my child – he said in “Onet Rano”. He also stated that the judge had “knowingly put the child in danger”.

International Transgender Visibility DayTVN24

“We do not agree to the cynical abuse of children”

The statement on the matter was issued by Artur Tusiński, mayor of Podkowa Leśna.

“I would like to inform you with full responsibility that the authorities of our school, as well as the city of Podkowa Leśna, are and will be open to the needs of every student, including transgender students. The basic condition of a person’s mental well-being is the integration of his psyche with the body and the possibility of expression according to how he or she feels. It is obvious for enlightened people. The role of the school management and teaching staff is to create a friendly environment that supports the education and healthy development of children. And this is what our school is like – supportive and open “- he wrote on Facebook.

He emphasized that “the child has wise parents, friends, understanding at school, is surrounded by psychological care”. “We also know from yesterday that he has enormous support in organizations working for discriminated minorities,” he added. “The duty of adults is to protect children, which seems to be forgotten by MP Pawłowicz and the person who took information outside the school. We do not consent to the cynical use of children for political games” – the mayor emphasized.


“Our children are a tool of political games”

The We, Parents Association (association of mothers, fathers and allies of LGBTQIA people) and the Trans-Fuzja Foundation also referred to the matter. A letter to the mayor of Podkowa Leśna was published on his Facebook profile. “We are parents of transgender children. Our everyday life is not only visits to doctors and diagnostics, but also fear for the physical and mental safety of our children. We feel it especially now, when our children are a tool of political games” – we read in the letter.

“A transgender child, just like any other child, deserves to be treated with dignity, to respect its rights and to be supported by the adults around it. The child has the right to be different without being inferior. By giving him space to be himself, we teach the child to treat others around him this way. “- said the parents and thanked the mayor for” a clear and unequivocal position on the protection of children – especially today – transgender children. ” They also included a thank you note to the school “for providing students with a safe space for development and education”.

On Thursday, the Ombudsman for Children, Mikołaj Pawlak, wrote on his Twitter profile that “the matter is cleared”. “We talked to the management of the school in Podkowa Leśna” – he informed. “I am appealing to contain emotions. Children should be cared for and protected, not exploited,” he added.

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Main photo source: Roman Zawistowski / PAP

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