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Legnica. Police sirens sounded in the middle of the night

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On Wednesday night, the signal of police sirens of police cars woke up the inhabitants of Legnica (Lower Silesia). A loud sound for several minutes came incessantly from the police station parking lot on Staffa Street.

We received the film at Contact 24. We were contacted by Mr. Michał, who lives near the police station on Staffa Street in Legnica. On Wednesday night, just after 3 o’clock, the man was woken up by the sirens of police cars. As he claims, the sound was broadcast continuously for about 5 minutes, which resulted in the inhabitants of the estate waking up.



– We had an unexpected wake up at around 3:10. There must have been a breakdown at the police station because the sirens started to wail. At first I thought something was wrong, but later realized it might be some tests. Police officers always check the technical condition of cars before leaving. Whether the beeps were working, among other things, but it always lasted for a few seconds and then the sound spread for about five minutes, ‘he said.

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Police sirens in the middle of the nightContact 24

– It was such a noise that it probably woke a lot of the inhabitants. My wife and I tried to disregard it at first, but closing the windows did not help. In the video, I caught policemen rushing to the cars to turn off the sirens. Only removing the batteries did something. It was a really powerful sound – added Mr. Michał.

We asked the Legnica police about the reasons for the situation. – The vehicle has crashed. The car was handed over to a mechanic for diagnostics in order to determine the cause and remove any defects – says Anna Grześków from the press team of the Legnica police.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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