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Leipzig. They were discharged from the hospital despite “feeling unwell”. “Have had the coronavirus”

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They stayed for several weeks in a hospital in Leipzig for rehabilitation, and then they left the facility. According to the daughter of one of them, the women felt unwell, but they were sent home anyway. And he adds that the coronavirus was later detected in them. The hospital promises to sort it out. We received information about this story on Contact 24.

Ms Aldona’s mother was referred for rehabilitation to a hospital in Leipzig, Mazovia. As she describes, the woman stayed there for a total of four weeks.

“They felt worse and worse every day”

– At the end of the stay, just before Christmas, my mother and her roommate had flu-like symptoms. She said that each day they felt worse and worse. They were given paracetamol by the doctor because they kept reporting that they were sick and had symptoms of a common cold. They were discharged from the hospital right after Christmas. Nobody had tested them before. My mom’s roommate took her temperature as soon as she got home. It turned out he had a fever. She called her doctor, who immediately referred her to a COVID-19 test. The result was positive – describes Mrs. Aldona.

As she adds, earlier women had contact with other patients. – They went to group classes, to church. And later they discharged them from the hospital with covid. They explained that it was just a cold – he points out. And she adds that her mother also did the test and it turned out that she was also positive.

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– Now mom is in quarantine, dad was sent too, because they managed to have contact with each other. I cannot accept the fact that no one has thought of isolating them and doing a test before they let them go home. Mom is still coughing and feeling weak and luckily she’s not going too badly. However, she was already leaving the hospital very weak. In the sanitary department, both heard that the hospital was not obliged to perform the test on their discharge – further describes Mrs. Aldona

Hospital: symptoms were not covid

We contacted the director of the hospital in Leipzig, Maria Chmielnicka. – I’m after talking to the doctor. He claimed that on Monday the ladies reported that they had a cold, but nothing more serious was wrong with them. They did not talk about high temperature or muscle pain that would indicate covid symptoms – says the director.

And she admits that the patients were discharged home on April 7th. – On the other hand, the symptoms did not indicate that it was covid, especially since none of the patients or staff reported any symptoms that would indicate a coronavirus – he emphasizes.

The director also emphasizes that the situation will be clarified. – The case has reached us. We took her very seriously. An epidemiological inquiry has been launched to determine the cause and source of this infection. SARS-CoV-2 swabs were collected from all patients and employees, she concluded.

Kontakt24, tvnwarszawa.pl

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