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Lipina. Someone sawed an oak about two hundred years old. The tree could collapse at any moment

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While walking through the forest, Adam Bohdan from the Dzika Polska Foundation was surprised to notice a huge tree undercut on both sides, which posed a huge threat. The more that it stood near the forest path.

– I thought that I had come across forestry works that had started and someone showed extreme irresponsibility, because there was planned felling here, and in the neighborhood there were trunks of previously cut trees – says Adam Bohdan from the Dzika Polska Foundation.

While walking around the Knyszyn Forest (Podlaskie Voivodeship), near the village of Lipina, he noticed an oak that was about 200 years old, which had been undercut by someone.

“Who knows, maybe my presence scared the thief away”

The tree was about two hundred years oldWild Poland Foundation

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– It’s a miracle the tree was still standing. It could overturn at any moment, and it was growing near the forest path. If someone passed that way and a bigger wind had risen, a tragedy could have happened – he emphasizes.

He immediately notified the local forest inspectorate about the case. – It turned out that no forestry works were carried out in this area, and the oak was prepared for theft. Who knows, maybe my presence scared the thief away or the thief was not able to knock down the tree – our interlocutor wonders.

“No chainsaw will cut a tree on all sides”

Tomasz Bozik, the deputy of the forest inspector of the Supraśl Forest District, admits that he has never encountered such a situation before.

The oak grew near the forest path Wild Poland Foundation

– Whoever tried to steal an oak in this way must have been doing it for the first time. No chainsaw will cut a tree from all sides like a beaver. It is obvious that this is a security risk. The more so because it is a huge tree – says Tomasz Bozik, deputy forest inspector of the Supraśl Forest District.

Foresters call for such cases to be reported

The oak was cut the same day. The case is handled by the forest guard.


– We ask all visitors to our forests to inform us immediately in case of any disturbing observations – urges the deputy forester.

The tree grew near the village of Lipina in the Sokólski poviat

Main photo source: Wild Poland Foundation

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