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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Lublin. A fire in the church of Holy Cross

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Before the firefighters arrived, outsiders tried to extinguish the fire in the church of Holy Cross in Lublin with the help of snow. The fire was quickly contained. One person was taken to hospital. Firemen suspect arson may have occurred. The police check it out.

Fire in the church at ul. Pogodna in Lublin appeared on Tuesday .. – A curtain was on fire at the entrance to the building, in the vestibule. There was one person in the church then. She left alone, she was not seriously injured, but because she felt unwell, she was taken to hospital – said the press officer of the municipal fire department in Lublin, St. Cpt. Andrzej Szacoń.

As he added, the fire was quickly extinguished. Before the firefighters arrived, bystanders tried to extinguish the fire with snow.

Szacoń said that the curtain, the entrance door and the vestibule of the church were damaged, and it was significantly sooty. – We ventilated the rooms for a long time because there was a high concentration of carbon monoxide – he added.

A curtain was on fire at the entrance, one person was taken to the hospitalKM PSP Lublin

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It could be arson

Firefighters suspect that an arson may have occurred. – There was no short-circuit in the electrical system, there were no other sources of fire, so it is a probable cause – added Szacoń.

All the circumstances of the fire will be investigated by a police investigation. – We will explain if it was deliberate arson. We do not rule it out, but it is too early to decide about it – said Andrzej Fijołek, commander of the provincial police in Lublin.

The firefighters quickly mastered the fire in the churchKM PSP Lublin

As he added, the expert appointed for this will clearly indicate the cause of the fire. – We are waiting for your opinion. Now we are carrying out activities aimed at explaining what happened there, including securing the monitoring record – said Fijołek.

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