Lublin. She helped the injured man and stopped two people who were to attack him with a knife


She noticed a bloodied man lying on the sidewalk and gave him help. Moments later, together with the city guard, she detained two people suspected of stabbing him with a knife.

The incident took place at ul. Tourist in Lublin. Policewoman of the County Police Headquarters in Włodawa, asp. pc Magdalena Marszałek, who works as a deputy on duty on a daily basis, while driving a car during her free time, noticed a bloodied man lying on the pavement. He turned. She took sterile cloth out of her car and, together with the woman who had already been helping the wounded, stopped the bleeding.

Near the victim, she noticed a knife lying on the ground and traces of blood. Two men, whom the injured person identified as the perpetrators of the stab, were standing by the building nearby. In his spare time, there was also an officer of the Municipal Police in Lublin, who helped the policewoman to overpower the men. They were detained.


Injured in hospital, suspected of attack in police custody

The summoned ambulance crew and a uniformed police patrol arrived at the scene. The injured man was handed over to medics and taken to hospital.

He pulled the drowning woman out of the sea, helped to save the man. There was a red flag at the bathing beach.

The arrested men were sent to the VI Police Station in Lublin. They are two citizens of Moldova aged 48. They were both drunk.

The injured man also turned out to be a Moldovan citizen. Fortunately, his life is not in danger.

– Once again with his attitude, asp. Magdalena Marszałek showed that you are a policeman 24 hours a day. Last year, in her free time, she arrested a man wanted by an arrest warrant, and in April this year, also in his free time, intoxicated driver – describe Lublin policemen.

“The parents surrounded by the screen did not see what was happening.” Two boys started to drown, they went to help them.

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