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Lublin. The child fell out of the balcony on the third floor

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In one of the estates in Lublin, a boy and a half fell from the balcony on the third floor of a block of flats. The police report that the child was not seriously injured.

The accident happened in one of the apartment blocks at ul. Independence in Lublin. Police officers received a report that a child fell out of the balcony of an apartment on the third floor.


From the findings of the officers so far, it appears that three children, who were under the care of their father, played on this balcony. The children’s mother then went out to shop.

The one and a half year old boy probably climbed onto some object left on the balcony, leaned over the railing and fell off the balcony. The boy fell on the grassy ground – said Anna Kamola from the press team of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Lublin.

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The child fell from the third floorTVN24

No more serious injuries

The child was taken to hospital, where he underwent a series of tests. – It turned out that the injuries are not serious, they are general bruises, abrasions of the epidermis. The boy’s life is not in danger – added Kamola.

The police explain all the circumstances of the accident. The parents of the children were examined – they were not found to be under the influence of drugs; the mother was sober, the father had trace amounts of alcohol in the body. They will still be questioned.

Kamola added that there are many indications that it was an accident, but the police will check whether there has been a crime of exposing the child to the risk of loss of health and life.

Main photo source: TVN24

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