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Lubuskie. Starting a fire in the surgical ward of a hospital in Gorzów Wielkopolski. The patient lost his cigarette butt

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A 61-year-old patient of the Provincial Hospital in Gorzów Wielkopolski led to a fire in the department of general and oncological surgery. Firemen intervened on the spot. No patients or ward staff were injured.

On Tuesday after 4 p.m. in the Department of General and Oncological Surgery with the Subdivision of Vascular Surgery of the Multispecialist Provincial Hospital in Gorzów Wielkopolski, a fire was ignited by one of the patients. The 61-year-old, according to the hospital’s findings, fell out of his hand. “The mattress he was lying on caught fire from him,” informed the hospital.


“Apart from the perpetrator of the arson, there was another man in the room”

Firemen from the Rescue and Fire Department of the State Fire Service in Gorzów Wielkopolski, called by the automatic fire warning system, intervened on the spot. Fortunately, the life or health of neither patient nor the ward staff is in danger.

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Starting a fire in the surgical wardSzpital.gorzow.pl

“The smoking was first noticed by the nurses working in the ward and they immediately started extinguishing the smoldering mattress. At the time of the appearance of the smoke in the room, apart from the perpetrator of the arson, there was no need to evacuate other patients hospitalized in the Department of General and Oncological Surgery with the Department of Vascular Surgery. “- informed the hospital.

After the rooms had been aired, the unit returned to normal work, and the men arriving in the room where the fire had started were moved to other rooms. The circumstances of the incident will be explained in detail by the police called to the hospital.

Main photo source: Szpital.gorzow.pl

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