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Mąkolice, Łódzkie: the driver of the school bus fainted, the vehicle hit a fence

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The school bus left the road and stopped at the fence of one of the properties in Mąkolice (Łódź Voivodeship). Everything indicates that a 55-year-old driver fainted while driving. On the spot, the action to save his life is carried out by two ambulance teams. There were 15 children and one educator on the bus, none of them suffered.

Senior Captain Michał Mirowski from the Zgierz fire department tells tvn24.pl that the information about the incident was delivered to the person on duty after 2 p.m.

It turned out that the only person who needed help was a 55-year-old driver.

– Everything indicates that he fainted and took the bus off the road. The vehicle stopped at the fence of one of the properties. However, the force of the blow was not great – says St. Cpt. Mirowski.

Paramedics proceeded to resuscitate the driver.

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Others without injuries

Preliminary findings indicate that the 55-year-old managed to brake the vehicle before collapsing.

– Apart from him, there were fifteen children returning from lessons and one tutor inside the bus. No one in this group was injured. The children have already been taken from the scene of the incident to their homes, concludes a spokesman for the Zgierz fire brigade.

The incident took place in Mąkolice

Main photo source: Fire Department in Zgierz

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