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Michał Szewczyk is dead. The actor was 86 years old

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He has been on stage since the late 1950s. Michał Szewczyk in Łódź was known for his daring roles in the Powszechny Theater; Polish audiences knew him from his roles in over a hundred films – including “Stawka Larger Than Life” and “The Story of a Yellow Ciżemki”. The actor died at the age of 86.

Michał Szewczyk was born on July 29, 1934 in Łódź. He was a graduate of the State Higher School of Theater in Łódź.

A wide audience knows him for his roles in dozens of films and TV series, including in: “Król Maciusiu I”, “Eroice”, “Historia Yellow Ciżemki”, “The Two Who Stole the Moon”, “Almost and Fists”, “More Than Life”, “House”, “Klan”, “Na Wspólnej” “,” Commissioner Alexie “and” For better or for worse “.

From 1958, the actor was associated with the Powszechny Theater, in which he created over 125 roles, including in “My Fair Lady”, “Bereziaki” and “Barefoot but in spurs” directed by Roman Sykała; Jan Bratkowski’s “Pickwick Club”; “Mother Courage” by Jerzy Hoffmann; “Szwejku” by Janusz Zaorski; “Elephant” by Andrzej Kondratiuk; “Igraszkach with the devil” by Józef Gruda; “Home Songbook” by Adam Hanuszkiewicz; “Ladies and Hussars” by Agnieszka Glińska.


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Until the end associated with Łódź

Michał Szewczyk is recalled by the director of the Powszechny Theater in Łódź. The city with which the actor was associated all his life. – As a boy from Bałuty – as he said about himself – he rejected all proposals to move to the capital. It is here that he started a family, he played for over 60 years at the Powszechny Theater in Łódź, here he co-created the legend of the film Łódź – he played in about 100 films. The inhabitants of Łódź loved Michał for his roles in the theater, in Poland he was known for his film roles – emphasizes director Ewa Pilawska.

He adds that with the departure of actors such as Michał Szewczyk and Krzysztof Kowalewski, who died on Saturday a certain era in theater is coming to an end – the era of hierarchy in a multigenerational ensemble, the era of theatrical craft and workshop. She noted that Michał Szewczyk was an extraordinary professional, he approached each role with equal passion, he was faithful to the mission and mission of the actor’s profession.

“He loved life, people and theater”

– We talked to Michał not so long ago. He called me frequently, also on no special occasion. He was always very kind, he supported me – and he didn’t have to do that because he was on the Champions’ shelf. He was a mentor. He loved life, he loved people and the theater – recalls the director of the Powszechny Theater.

He adds that just a few months ago – in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Powszechny Theater – Michał Szewczyk’s star was unveiled on the Alley of Stars in Łódź.

– A little later, Michał was awarded the Gloria Artis Gold Medal for Merit to Polish Culture – ends director Ewa Pilawska.

Main photo source: PAP / Grzegorz Michałowski

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