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Millionaires: The question of the Towarne mountains called Towarowe

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Towarne or Towarne Mountains: they are in every warehouse, is an accounting concept, abound in inselbergs or end the Himalayan chain? This question in “Millionaires” was answered by Ms Aleksandra Kołodziejczyk from Mińsk Mazowiecki.

Ms Aleksandra Kołodziejczyk is an IT specialist, economist and Hungarian student. From now on, she will be able to add to her numerous experiences participation in “Millionaires”.

In the program run by Hubert Urbański, the main prize is one million zlotys. To get it, you need to answer 12 questions correctly. Each of the participants during the game has three lifebuoys at their disposal – a phone call to a friend, a question change and a half and a half.

Mrs. Aleksandra on her way to the million, she came across, among others to the question about the Towarne Mountains.

Towarne or Towarne Mountains:

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A: they are in every warehouse B: this is an accounting concept C: they abound in outliers D: they end the Himalayan chain

The Towarne Mountains is a two-peak hill, which is also called the Towarne Mountains. It is located in the municipality of Olsztyn near Częstochowa (Śląskie Voivodeship). This area abounds in inselbergs, i.e. isolated hills, the formation of which is related to the diversification of the terrain’s resistance to destructive factors, including weathering and erosion processes.

The correct answer to the above question is “C”.

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