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Millionaires: the Spotted Cuckoo has a purse… Answer the question

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The spotted cuckoo has a bag – and in it the power of tiny seeds, for someone else’s eggs, a left and right articular or a conductor? This question was heard in “Millionaires” by Mr. Marek Krukowski.

Mr. Marek Krukowski comes from Kwidzyn. He is a multiple participant and winner of many game shows. It was the first time he took part in “Millionaires”.

One of the questions he heard on the program concerned the spotted cuckoo.

The spotted cuckoo has a purse:

A: and there is a lot of fine seeds in it

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C: right and left articular

The spotted cuckoo and its purse

The spotted cuckoo is a plant with pink-purple flowers. Its other names are spotted orchid and spotted orchid. It occurs in Europe. It has a bag, or fruit, containing numerous tiny seeds.

The correct answer to the question from “Millionaires” is A.

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