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Millionaires: what scent bed bugs create

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A sign that someone has bedbugs at home, are bite wounds, brown spots on the sheets and a specific smell reminiscent of: sea breeze, freshly cut grass, freshly brewed coffee or rotten raspberries? This question in “Millionaires” was answered by Mrs. Ewa Strebeyko from Warsaw.

In the Thursday edition of “Millionaires”, Ewa from Warsaw continued her game. In the previous episode, she managed to answer two questions without consuming any lifebuoys.

Ms. Ewa is a Japanese who spends her free time sailing. She admitted that if she won the top prize, she would spend part of the money on traveling and consider buying a yacht. Whether her dreams come true will be decided by the questions asked by Hubert Urbański. In one of them, the participant will have to demonstrate entomological knowledge.

I think you have bedbugs at home, if you wake up bitten, there are brown spots on the sheets, and when you smell, you smell:

A: sea breeze B: freshly cut grass C: freshly brewed coffee D: rotten raspberries.

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The bedbug is a species of insect that feeds primarily on human blood. Most often, bedbugs hide in hard-to-reach places, such as the space behind the bed or wall gaps. Bed bugs have a gland that produces an oily fluid. They produce it when they feel threatened. The smell resembles rotten raspberries, so the correct answer to the above question is “D”.

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